Civil Rights


What are civil rights?

Civil rights provide basic freedoms to individuals and seek to achieve the equal enjoyment of rights and privileges. Civil rights manifest in various forms. One civil right is the entitlement to equal treatment, or equal protection of law, regardless of an individual's membership in a protected category. This civil right covers protection from discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age, and disability, among other things. Civil rights also include various personal freedoms, such as the right to privacy, to free speech, to vote, to partake in political action, and to peacefully protest. Additionally, civil rights encompass the right to receive due process and, for those suspected of a crime, to receive a fair investigation and trial.

Civil rights overlap with civil liberties. Civil liberties can, however, be distinguished from civil rights in that civil liberties largely encompass those rights which protect against the infringement by government upon personal freedoms, such as the right to religious freedom and the freedom of speech.

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