Entertainment & Sports Law


Entertainment and sports law encompasses multiple areas of law which work together to serve the entertainment and sports industries. No one area or topic of law dominates the field of entertainment and sports law. Accordingly, the definition of entertainment and sports law continues to develop as the industries grow and evolve.

Entertainment Law

The entertainment industry comprises the music, film, television, radio, theatre, multimedia, publishing, visual arts and design fields. Each field has its own distinct trade unions, practices, statutes and case law.

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  • Lifetime TV Wins Appeal Over Chris Porco Movie Ban April 18, 2014 An appeals court reverses an injunction on grounds it would be a "prior restraint" of free speech.read more
  • Friday's Endnotes – 04/18/14 April 18, 2014 In 1966, the cable TV industry warned that if it was brought within the scope of copyright law, it "could very well be forced out of existence to the great injury to the public interest, and with no corresponding benefit to copyright owners,…