Google Adwords Setup and Management for Law Firms amp; Lawyers – CPC/PPC Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords Setup and Management

Justia offers optional Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Cost Per Click (CPC) / Pay Per Click (PPC) services to our Website clients. If you are seeking assistance with the setup and management of your pay-per-click advertising campaign, our marketing professionals can help. Justia is an Adwords Agency with direct phone and in person access to the agency staff of the Google Adwords team. These keyword buys provide an extraordinary level of precision and are one of the most effective and efficient ways for any law firm to reach potential clients who are looking for legal information and counsel on the Internet. Keywords purchased through Google AdWords - show up on Google, -and numerous other Websites that use Google search results. Google Adwords can also show up directly on content affiliate Websites if so desired.

The SEM process begins with a consultation regarding your goals, practice areas, and geographic objectives. We work with each client to develop keywords and phrases, determine key geographic targets, write ad text, and set up related Website landing pages. Justia was founded by an attorney, and our team includes a large number of lawyers and legal professionals familiar with a multitude of practice areas and related key phrases. Once setup is complete, you pay Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing directly for the clicks your ad receives. Full campaign metrics are provided by Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing so that you understand what you have paid for and what you receive in return.

We run transparent cost per click campaigns so you can see exactly what phrases we are bidding on - and how much is spent with Google for different campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.


Law firms can target their ads to reach specific keywords and phrases in Google Adwords. Let us help you develop a set of keywords and phrases that best reflect your practice and the localities you serve.

Justia will help you develop a set of keywords and phrases that best reflect your practice and the localities you serve.

For example, if a personal injury law firm would like to target its advertisements at persons searching for the phrase “Accident Lawyer,” we can help set up campaigns to reach this audience. We will also work with the firm to build a custom list of related keywords (e.g., nursing home abuse lawyer, birth injury lawyer, or slip and fall attorney) that also reaches this audience.

Locality Settings

Attorneys and law firms can target their advertisements towards potential clients in a particular geographical area or at people who are looking for information in a specific location. To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, we may recommend targeting your ad to a specific city, metropolitan area, state or country. For even more targeted advertising, you may be able to limit your campaign to a specific radius around a street address.

Ad Text Writing

Our Search Engine Marketing Services include assistance with writing "call to action" text ads for Google Adwords. These ads include terms that target both a specific locality, as well as practice area search terms used by potential clients.

Landing Pages

Conversion rates on pay-per-click ads increase when the landing pages are closely related to the ads. Our sites are designed to accommodate numerous pages and we encourage law firms to add quality, relevant, original content to their sites. We design the pay-per-click campaigns so that each phrase leads to the most relevant page on the client’s site. Thus, if someone uses Google to search for a “San Diego Child Custody Lawyer,” and they see your San Diego Child Custody Lawyer ad on their results page, clicking on your ad will take them to a page focused on your Child Custody page for the San Diego area.

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