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Stark & Stark Logo Law Firm: Stark & Stark
URL: http://www.stark-stark.com
URL: http://injury.stark-stark.com/
URL: http://motorcycle.stark-stark.com/
URL: http://www.njdivorceattorney.com/
URL: http://business.stark-stark.com/
URL: http://www.njeifs.com/
Blog: Construction Litigation Law Blog

After an exhaustive search and interview process we chose Justia to help redesign our Web site www.stark-stark.com. The Justia team worked with us to design a site that was easy to navigate, optimized for high placement within search engines and allowed for the feeding of information from our blogs directly into predetermined sections of our Website. We have seen a dramatic increase in both traffic to our site as well as our search result placement in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Justia's experience, technical abilities and responsiveness make them the logical choice for any sized law firm that wishes to improve their Web presence.

Richard C. DeLuca
Director of Business Development
Stark & Stark, a professional corporation

Apple Law Firm Logo Law Firm: Apple Law Firm PLLC
URL: http://www.jacksonvillelawyer.pro
Blog: Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog
Blog: NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog
Blog: Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
Blog: Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Blog
Blog: Jacksonville Divorce Attorney Blog
Blog: Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog
Blog: Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

I run a legal business, which I like to say practices law.  I was a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years involving technology-related and computer companies.  I had a strong background in website design and search engine marketing before going to law school and knew what was necessary to make my new law firm successful.  When I started looking at who was providing legal websites, I talked to everyone.  Justia was one of the few firms that understood what was necessary and was the only one that was willing to listen and implement suggestions on how to improve the results on my website.  I have been using Justia for over 5 years, and web based marketing is the exclusive method of marketing for my law firm.   We started with a single practice area and now have 9 lawyers, a law firm website, and 7 blogs with Justia.

The Justia websites have the best ROI of any web based marketing or non web based marketing I have been involved with. Our revenues increase month after month.

I understand the cost of what they provide and know what it would cost me to provide the same to myself using overseas programmers associated with some of my other technology companies.  It would be very difficult to replicate what they offer for less money, and it would take you years to get to where you can be on day one.  Having the ability to do this project in-house we still choose Justia because of their superior value and experience.  They are very responsive to changes and follow up on requests timely and professionally.

If you are looking for a great value, a high quality website, and a website that performs (generates revenue) then Justia is who I would recommend and have recommended to others for more than 5 years.  Sure you can create your own blog for free, but what good is it if no one reads it.

David Goldman
Apple Law Firm PLLC

Jeffrey Glassman logo Law Firm: Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman
URL: http://www.jeffreysglassman.com/
Blog: Boston Personal Injury Attorney Blog
Blog: Boston Car Accident Lawyer Blog
Blog: Boston Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Blog
Blog: Massachusetts Workers Compensation Lawyers Blog
Blog: Mesothelioma Lawyers Blog

I am incredibly thrilled I found Justia. I previously had two previous web companies, both of which exclusively did lawyer websites. These other web companies did not even compare to what Justia was able to do for my firm on any level. From design, search engine optimization, customer service, and strategic guidance, Justia took my website (www.jeffreysglassman.com) from being an ordinary site that was lost in the crowd to one of the top personal injury sites in Boston. The people at Justia take pride in their work and really care about what they are doing. This is what sets them apart from any other legal web company. I am extremely grateful to everyone at Justia and would recommend them highly to any law firm. They deserve five stars.

Jeffrey S. Glassman
Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, LLC

Frederick Firm Logo Law Firm: The Frederick Firm
URL: http://www.kytriallaw.com/
Blog: Kentucky Injury Law Blog

Justia has been simply amazing. The Justia staff have been prompt, thorough and easy to work with. They have taken the time to make sure we understand every step in the process and have provided solid advice from day one. We have really been blown away by the entire team's commitment to our success.

At first we were concerned about the time difference. We are on Eastern Standard Time, Justia is on Pacific Coast Time. But Justia's response time and ability to accommodate our schedule has been flawless. (I actually don't think they sleep!)

When my father and I started this process, we had two goals in mind: website redesign and search engine optimization. Justia delivered, and more. Our website looks great, is easy to navigate and informative. Perhaps more importantly, after a few short months, our site now ranks highly on Google, Yahoo! and MSN for a variety of search terms we chose.

Justia also set up our blog, which has earned us a degree of notoriety amongst a very important group of people: our peers. We have already generated a few referrals from the blog alone. We could not be happier with Justia.

Steven Frederick
The Frederick Firm

Silverberg Zalantis Logo Law Firm: Silverberg Zalantis LLP
URL: http://www.szlawfirm.net
Blog: New York Zoning & Municipal Law Blog
Blog: Climate Change Attorney Blog
Blog: New York Business Litigation Lawyer Blog

I wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up our site (http://www.szlawfirm.net) and Blog (http://blog.szlawfirm.net). We are very pleased with the look and feel. In addition, your SEO is amazing, as we went from non-existent on Google to performing very well on multiple key phrases, within a week of posting the new site. It has been great working with you all.

Steve Silverberg
Silverberg Zalantis LLP

Beard Stacey Logo Law Firm: Beard Stacey & Jacobsen, LLP
URL: http://www.maritimelawyer.us
Blog: Maritime Injury Law Blog

The lawyers of Beard Stacey & Jacobsen, LLP focus on maritime personal injury. Two years ago, we looked around for a company that could design our website (http://www.maritimelawyer.us/) and optimize its content. We found Justia and, right from the beginning, Justia exceeded all our expectations. First, we wanted a company that understands the business end of the practice of law. Stacy Stern and other lawyers at Justia have this understanding. Second, we wanted an innovative, can-do, dynamic partner in our website endeavor. Justia has consistently blown us away with their ideas and the implementation of those ideas. Third, we wanted responsive, service-minded people to work with. Justia certainly is all of this. Often times, we pick up the phone and can immediately reach Tim Stanley, the CEO, to kick around some ideas and ask for advice. We whole-heartedly recommend Justia.

Joe Stacey
Beard Stacey & Jacobsen, LLP

Miller & Zois Logo Law Firm: Miller & Zois, LLC
Blog: Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog
Blog: Maryland Lawyer Blog
Blog: Maryland Accident Lawyer Blog
Blog: Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Blog
Blog: Baltimore Injury Lawyer Blog
Blog: Accident and Injury Lawyer Blog
Blog: Drug Recall Lawyer Blog

Thank you for assistance in growing our business with your help on our new Web site and blog (http://www.marylandinjurylawyerblog.com). We have received great results from our online marketing and education with your help. This has been a great investment.

Ron Miller
Miller & Zois

Berniard Logo Law Firm: Berniard Law Firm
URL: http://www.hurricane-lawyer.com/
Blog: Insurance Dispute Lawyer Blog
Blog: Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

I spent a great deal of time reviewing different website designers before settling on Justia. I can now say without any hesitation that I definitely made the right choice. The overriding complement I receive about my site (http://www.hurricane-lawyer.com/) is how professional it looks. Coincidentally, that is exactly the image I was looking to portray. As a young attorney/businessman I have run into more than my fair share of predators looking to make a quick buck out of my inexperience. It is great when a company not only performs as they say they would but far exceeds my expectations. Thanks Justia, before my website I was unsure where the next client would come from. Now, I am uncertain how I will keep up with all the clients I have.

Jeff Berniard
Berniard Law Firm

Joshua Friedman Logo Law Firm: Joshua Friedman, Attorney at Law
URL: http://www.joshuafriedmanesq.com
Blog: Sexual Harassment Lawyer Blawg

The folks at Justia have to be the nicest, most responsive, business people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone in their organization is consistently fantastic. I am sure this has been a big part of their terrific success.

When I started with Justia in 2005, I was a sole practitioner, with a website which was performing adequately, but was not going to drive the sort of growth I was seeking. By the close of 2013, I will have added five attorneys and an investigator to our staff, and several hundred new clients. Justia deserves a lot of the credit. Justia has constantly made major improvements to my website (http://www.joshuafriedmanesq.com/). There was a hugely successful redesign in 2010, adding video and other enhanced features. Justia added a blog, which not only drives traffic, it allows us to communicate our message to our adversaries and our peers. Justia just added a mobile version of my website, which has added significant, qualified traffic.

Whenever I have a question or concern, I receive prompt attention from someone who is highly qualified. Whatever the subject, social media, mobile, CPC, Justia has someone terrific. All their employees are all well trained and a pleasure to work with. Please feel free to call me personally any time for a reference.

Joshua Friedman
Joshua Friedman, Attorney at Law

Aimee Hess Law Firm: Aimee Hess, P.C.
Blog: Texas Attorney Blog

When I decided that I wanted to create an internet presence for my firm a few years ago, I researched many available firms, and interviewed quite a number by phone. I chose Justia and have been thrilled with them ever since. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. They are personable, responsive, knowledgeable, dependable, creative and totally dedicated to my success. In large part because of their efforts, I have more business than I can handle! They have become an integral part of my marketing, and are truly a partner in the success of my firm. I recommend them without reservation to anyone considering a blog or a website.

Aimee Hess
Law Offfices of Aimee Hess P.C.

Arkady Itkin Logo Law Firm: Law Office of Arkady Itkin
Blog: San Francisco Employment Law Firm Blog

I had a pleasure of signing up for the Justia service with Stacy Stern, who was very helpful and patient in explaining to me the service the company provides and its benefits.

She wasn't exaggerating when she told me that Justia prides itself on providing personal attention to each client. I was led step by step through the process of setting up the blog by Kerri Kinoshita, who was nothing but the most reliable, professional, punctual, kind, and competent in just about every aspect of blog set up and configuration.

My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly, which is so essential to this kind of service.

I look forward to a long-term partnership with Justia and its wonderful staff.


Arkady Itkin, Esq.
Law Office of Arkady Itkin

William Weinberg Logo Law Firm: William Weinberg Attorney at Law
URL: http://www.williamweinberg.com
Blog: California Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
Blog: Orange County DUI Lawyer Blog

After fumbling about the internet for several years, trying to build a website myself, I finally realized I would need first-class help developing my web presence (www.williamweinberg.com). An exhaustive search led me to Justia.com and Stacy Stern.

From the outset, I found the organization to be forthright about what they could and could not do, helpful in every way possible and very friendly throughout the process. There was no question too trivial, nor too lengthy, for them to answer.

In what seemed a few short months, the telephone began to ring, the email box began to fill up, and the clientele flowed in. My investment has paid off handsomely and will continue to do so.

I am grateful I found Justia.com. It has brought new clients and new challenges to my practice that I might never have enjoyed without their help.

William Weinberg
William Weinberg Attorney at Law

William G. Pintas & Associates Logo Law Firm: William G. Pintas & Associates
URL: http://www.pintas.com

I am writing to thank you for the service you have been providing our firm. We first launched our Website www.pintas.com two years ago through Findlaw. Over that period we added on numerous services to increase our web presence, but the results were minimal.

In early 2005 we made the switch to Justia because of hearing about the knowledge and experience of your founder coupled with the reduced costs to our firm. I was immediately impressed with the prompt and personal service. After just three months we have already seen substantial increases in Internet inquiries and actual Internet generated cases. These increases combined with the lower costs has dramatically improved our return on investment in our Internet marketing. I would highly recommend your service to other law firms.

Thank you for your assistance in growing the business of our firm.


Kristen Prinz
Director, Marketing
William G. Pintas & Associates

J. Michael Clay Logo Law Firm: The Law Office of J. Michael Clay
URL: http://www.jmichaelclay.com

I was extremely pleased with Justia's performance from the moment I first called them to the moment my site (http://www.jmichaelclay.com) was published. The entire process was handled professionally and expeditiously, and I had No. 1 search engine rankings on most, if not all, of my relevant search terms (even in Google) in only a few days after the site was published. The entire staff kept me involved in the process and quickly responded to all of my suggestions and comments. The fee was very reasonable, especially considering the significant traffic increase I enjoyed after publication of the web site. I would highly recommend Justia to any law firm seeking to establish or improve its internet presence.

J. Michael Clay
The Law Office of J. Michael Clay

MVP Law Firm Logo Law Firm: Law Office of Meetesh V. Patel
URL: http://www.h1bvisalawyerblog.com/

I am writing to thank you for the great service and support that you have been providing our firm. Our firm first established its web presence in early 2003. Since first going online in 2003, we have utilized the services of many IT partners to help us promote our firm and increase our web presence. After wasting thousands of dollars and obtaining minimal results, we finally came across Justia. I am extremely pleased with Justia. The Justia Team is creative, attentive, and responsive and in my opinion worth every cent they charged. I have been extremely happy with Justia's service and feel like I have finally found an IT partner that my firm can maintain a long term relationship with. For the first time since I have been attempting to market my law firm on the web, I feel like I am getting my money's worth. The Justia team designed an easily navigable site www.h1bvisalawyerblog.com that was optimized for high placement within search engines. We have seen a dramatic increase both traffic to our site as well as our Alexa traffic ranking. You can't beat the results that Justia provides to its customers.

Thank you for your assistance in growing the business of our firm.

Meetesh V. Patel, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Law Office of Meetesh V. Patel

Andrew Foster Logo Law Firm: The Law Offices of S. Andrew Foster, Esq.
URL: http://www.andrewfosterlaw.com

After coming late to the idea of internet marketing, I was anxious to quickly develop an effective web presence. The first web design company that I engaged left me extremely dissatisfied with the lack of potential client referrals that were being generated.

Then I discovered Justia. I contacted them and was greatly impressed with their level of both technical knowledge and customer service. I realized then that Justia should have been my first stop all along.

Justia completed and launched my site, andrewfosterlaw.com, in half the time that the other company had taken and they had done much better at capturing the look and feel that I wanted from the beginning. Within three weeks, I noticed a marked increase in potential client referrals from my site.

I am extremely pleased with the performance of the entire Justia team and I would recommend them to any solo practitioner or firm interested in generating business and establishing an effective web presence for years to come.

Andrew Foster, Esq.
The Law Offices of S. Andrew Foster, Esq.

Bruce M. Robinson Logo Law Firm: The Law Offices of Robinson & Associates
URL: http://www.mddwi.com
URL: http://www.marylandaccident.com
URL: http://www.marylandmalpractice.com
Blog: Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog

I wanted to send you a quick thank you so that others (hopefully not in my state) can benefit from your superb service the way that I have (http://www.mddwi.com). As you know, I have spent more hours than I care to mention and thousands upon thousands of dollars to find the correct web presence and to market that presence. Some of the decisions were correct and many were incorrect. By the time I arrived at your door I had a half descent site with pay per click set up and no organic presence, and I was happy. I think that's what they call fat, dumb and happy!

After determining that SEO/organic presence was an important feature (years after I should have known that) and after being robbed time and time again by would be web folks, I was referred to you. I want to tell you and your potential clients that you guys ROCK! The hard truth is that the many months of development that I put into site development and the thousands of dollars wasted could all have been avoided had I bumped into you earlier. Oh well... But now that I'm in the fold, I could not be more pleased with your product, your work ethic to get things done on a timely basis and your constant attention to detail and customer concerns. I am no longer concerned with when the next case is coming in like many small and midsize firms. I know the cases are coming, it's simply a matter of which ones do I want to accept.

My one message to your potential clients, Justia's SEO, web development, and pay per click campaign is not a discretionary matter, it is mandatory and they do it right! Moreover, they do it for a whole lot less than their robber competitors. Do what Justia tells you to do and you will be treated respectfully, you will get a great product and you won't go wrong.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Bruce M. Robinson, Esq.
The Law Offices of Robinson & Associates

Shenker & Bonaparte Logo Law Firm: Shenker & Bonaparte, LLP
URL: http://www.ashenkeresq.com/

After 20 or so years of practice without a website (http://www.ashenkeresq.com/), I made a New Year's resolution at the end of 2004 to start a website that emphasized my practice of helping homeowners with fire and water and vandalism losses present claims to insurance companies. Apart from some occasional brainstorming, nothing much happened in 2005 and for most of 2006. Finally, in the fall of 2006, I resolved (again) to establish a site. I researched endless law firm websites from my familiarity with firms in New York, D.C., and Chicago. I researched general website developers. I finally found Justia.com and was pleasantly surprised to find that they specialized in law firm sites. I was impressed by their openness in encouraging people to develop their own sites for free, and felt aligned with their philosophy of helping people. The process took a fair amount of time as I gathered content and made difficult decisions about the home page. At every step of the way, Cicely and Lauren and the staff were responsive and helpful, and it was exciting to launch in 2007. I was delighted when a potential client called a month after the launch after finding me on a search for Portland fire loss lawyers, and I was hired to assist in the presentation of an insurance claim. I am grateful for all of the great guidance, and I have received rave reviews from the many friends and clients whom I have asked to look at the site.

Robert Bonaparte
Shenker & Bonaparte, LLP

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Newman & Associates Law Firm: The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Newman & Associates
URL: http://www.jeffreynewmanlaw.com/

I have been working with Justia for about two months and I have been extremely happy with the services it has rendered to my firm. Here is why: first, the individuals I have dealt with have been efficient and responsive to my needs. They react quickly to my requests and have also gently nudged me forward to advance my site in particular ways. Secondly, the organizational structure of the company is such that different groups have different expertise areas and they bring all to bear so that the site content is fresh and readable and accessible. Finally, as I have a specific and detailed long term business plan, within which the web site fits, I have found that the people at Justia are sensitive to the need to customize their service to my plans and goals and they are open to a dialogue about these issues. Building any business in a competitive environment is difficult, especially if you are a small operation. Justia has helped me level the playing field. Justia has earned my highest recommendation.

Jeffrey A. Newman
The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Newman & Associates

Thomas Carroll Blauvelt Logo Law Firm: Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC
URL: http://www.tickethelpline.com

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic results I am seeing from my Justia Web site (www.tickethelpline.com/). I am receiving potential client leads daily, and this has proven to be an excellent return on investment. I had tried four different Web designers prior to turning to Justia. I was a bit skeptical about trying again because I had been burned in the past. In seeing the exposure Justia was procuring for other law firms, I decided to give this a try. I'm so glad I did because Justia is different—I am blown away by the results. You have exceeded my expectations. Justia possesses the know-how and resources that really make a difference in growing my practice.

Thomas Carroll Blauvelt
Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, LLC

Frank Marciano Logo Law Firm: Frank Marciano Attorney at Law
URL: http://www.hobokenattorney.com/
Blog: Hoboken Law Blog
To be or not to be on the web, that is the question:
Whether tis nobler in the practice to suffer
The sorrows and regrets of clients lost to others.
Or to take aim upon a sea of new clients,
and with Justia have them find your website,
by search to say you're number one, on top
tis a position devoutly to be wished, For with
Justia's skill and staff you can sleep, perchance to dream
of new clients by day and by night, by email and by phone.
Thus does Justia make successes of us all
with great websites of practice and blogs to be read
and acted upon, must give you pause to praise.
For there's the respect that makes Justia stand out.
and create for you a world of action and outrageous fortune.

He who hesitates is lost. If you are serious about building your law practice, you should stop wasting your time and money on the yellow pages, newspaper, and other old media and engage the people at Justia to create an identity for your law practice that will amaze you with the results. As you browse upon Justia's portfolio, you can see how each site is unique and reflective of each Law Firm. I simply have not had a better experience with a professional service company than with Justia. Their staff is dedicated and smart and responsive and most importantly they remain at the company.

I cannot overstate how important it is to deal with a company that clearly respects their employees and listens to the concerns of its clients. For my website, I wanted to create a sense of professionalism but also a sense of comfort. Well, they exceeded all my expectations by making a website that is simple to navigate, informative and elegant in design. Furthermore, they were able to project a sense of comfort with my firm by presenting my dog as a Mascot. Roxy the Mascot, has brought in more business for me than any single business relationship. Overall, my business has more than doubled over the past 18 months. I average 5-10 new client contacts per week, astounding but true.

This is the only testimonial I have ever written. Visit my website and you will see why Justia has become my single most important business association.

Frank Marciano
Frank Marciano Attorney at Law