OSHA Handbook for Small Businesses

Designating Responsibility

Designating Responsibility

You must decide who in your company is the most appropriate person to manage your safety and health program. Who can be sure that the program will become an integral part of the business? In many cases it will be you, the owner. Sometimes it will be the plant manager or a key supervisor. It could even be an engineer, personnel specialists or other staff member.

Whoever you choose should be as committed to workplace safety and health as you are, who has the time to devote to developing and managing the program, and who is willing to take on the responsibility and accountability that goes with operating an effective program. The success of your program hinges on the success of the individual you choose, and he or she cannot succeed without your full cooperation and support. Remember, though, that even when you appoint someone as your safety manager and delegate the authority to manage the program, the ultimate responsibility for safety and health in your workplace rests on you.

Having made your selection of a safety and health manager, you or your designee and any others you choose will need to take (or be sure you have already taken) the following actions.

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