OSHA Handbook for Small Businesses

Other Sources of Help

Other Sources of Help

Workers' Compensation Carriers and Other Insurance Companies

Many workers' compensation carriers as well as many liability and fire insurance companies conduct periodic inspections and visits to evaluate safety and health hazards. Managers of small and medium-sized businesses need to know what services are available from these sources. Contact your carrier and see what it has to offer.

Trade Associations and Employer Groups

Because of the increase in job safety and health awareness resulting from OSHA activities, many trade associations and employer groups have put a new emphasis on safety and health matters to better serve their members. If you are a member of such a group, find out how it is assisting its members. If you are not a member, find out if these groups are circulating their materials to nonmembers, as many do.

Trade Unions and Employee Groups

If your employees are organized, set up some communications, as you do in normal labor relations, to get coordinated action on hazards in your business. Safety and health is one area where advance planning will produce action on common goals. Many trade unions have safety and health expertise that they are willing to share.

The National Safety Council and Local Chapters

The National Safety Council has a broad range of information services available. If you have a local chapter of the NSC, you can call or visit to see how you can use materials pertaining to your business. If there is no chapter nearby, you can write:

National Safety Council
1121 Spring Lake Drive
Itasca, IL 60143-3201

Professional Associations

The following Professional Associations are an additional resource that may be able to provide assistance to you:

American Society of Safety Engineers
1800 East Oakton Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018-2187

American Industrial Hygiene Association
2700 Prosperity Avenue
Suite 250
Fairfax, VA 22031-4319

American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
1330 Kemper Meadow Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

For Specific Medical Consultation

Talk to your local doctors or clinics and see if one of them will advise you on workplace medical matters on a consulting basis.

You can contact your local Red Cross Chapter for assistance in first-aid training. If you cannot locate a local chapter, write:

American National Red Cross
National Headquarters
Safety Programs
2025 18th and E Streets, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006

Your Local Library

Many local or university libraries contain information on specific safety and health subjects pertaining to your business.

These materials are usually in reference rooms or technical subject areas. Ask your librarian what is available. The library may be able to obtain material for you, through inter-library loan, purchase, etc.

Two basic publications of the National Safety Council will give you many sources of technical information. The Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations is a basic reference book for all safety and health work. The second, Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, contains excellent information on toxic materials and recommended health and hygiene practices. Both of these references have other sources listed at the end of each chapter that may help you in solving specific problems.

Financing Workplace Improvement

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is authorized to make loans to assist small businesses to meet OSHA standards. Because SBA's definition of a "small" business varies from industry to industry, it is advisable to contact your local SBA field office and ask whether you qualify.

If you have not been inspected by OSHA, now is the time to seek consultation to learn whether your work-place will require any improvements—and how much the improvements are going to cost. This can be done by calling your OSHA Regional Office. Staff there can assist you in assessing what improvements are needed and which standards relate to the condition(s) to be corrected.

A helpful hint, if you decide to apply for an SBA loan: experience indicates that most delays in processing SBA/OSHA loans are due to applications which either do not (1) adequately describe each workplace condition to be corrected and identify one or more OSHA standard(s) applicable to the condition to be corrected, or (2) provide a reasonable estimate of the cost to correct each condition.

In most cases, safety hazards can be corrected without financial assistance. Health hazards may be more costly to correct. The age and condition of the building and equipment are major factors to be considered.

Interest rate information on SBA loans may be obtained from any SBA office. They fluctuate but are generally lower than you can obtain elsewhere.

In addition, you may wish to consult your own bank. It pays to shop around for loans.

And don't forget to check with your accountant at income tax time, since safety and health improvements generally can be expended or depreciated.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC's)

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) provide up-to-date counseling, training, and technical assistance in all aspects of small business management. In addition to making special efforts to reach socially and economically disadvantaged groups, veterans, women, and the disabled, other services include, but are not limited to, assisting small business with financial, marketing, production, organization, engineering and technical problems, and feasibility studies. There are now 57 SBDC's—one in every state (Texas has four), the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Listed below are the lead organizations that sponsor the SBDC and manage the program.


John Sandefur
State Director
Alabama SBDC Consortium
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Medical Towers Building
1717 11th Avenue, Suite 419
Birmingham, AL 35294-4410
PHONE: (205) 934-7260
FAX: (205) 934-7645
E-MAIL: asbd003@uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu


Jan Fredericks
State Director
Alaska Small Business Development Center
University of Alaska Anchorage
430 W. Seventh Avenue, Suite 110
Anchorage, AK 99501
PHONE: (907) 274-7232
FAX: (907) 274-9524


Michael York (Mike)
State Director
Arizona SBDC Network
2411 West 14th Street, Suite 132
Tempe, AZ 85281
PHONE: (602) 731-8720
FAX: (602) 731-8729
E-MAIL: york@maricopa.edu


Janet Nye
State Director
Arkansas Small Business Development Center
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
100 South Main, Suite 401
Little Rock, AR 72201
PHONE: (501) 324-9043
FAX: (501) 324-9049
E-MAIL: jmnye@ualr.edu


Denise M. Arend
Acting State Director
California SBDC Program
Department of Commerce
801 K St., Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA 95814
PHONE: (916) 324-5068
FAX: (916) 322-5084
E-MAIL: denisea@smtp.doc.ca.gov


Kathryn A. Wallace
State Director
Colorado Small Business Development Center Colorado Office of Business Development 1625 Broadway, Suite 1710
Denver, CO 80202
PHONE: (303) 892-3809
FAX: (303) 892-3848
E-MAIL: sbdclc1@attmail.com


John P. O'Connor
State Director
Connecticut Small Business Development Center
University of Connecticut
2 Bourn Place, U-94
Storrs, CT 06269-5094
PHONE: (860) 486-4135
FAX: (860) 486-1576
E-MAIL: oconnor@ct.sbdc.uconn.edu


Clinton Tymes
State Director
Delaware Small Business Development Center University of Delaware
Purnell Hall, Suite 005
Newark, DE 19716-2711
PHONE: (302) 831-1555
FAX: (302) 831-1423
E-MAIL: 43220@brahms.udel.edu

District of Columbia

Woodrow McCutchen (Woody)
State Director
District of Columbia SBDC
Howard University
2600 6th St. N.W. Room 125
Washington, DC 20059
PHONE: (202) 806-1550
FAX: (202) 806-1777
E-MAIL: husbdc@cldc.howard.edu
HOME PAGE: http://www.cldc.howard.edu/~husbdc


Jerry G. Cartwright
State Director
Florida Small Business Development Center Network
University of West Florida
19 West Garden Street, Suite 300
Pensacola, FL 32501
PHONE: (904) 444-2060
FAX: (904) 444-2070
E-MAIL: jcartwri@uwf.cc.uwf.edu


Henry Logan, Jr.
State Director
Georgia Small Business Development Center
University of Georgia
Chicopee Complex, 1180 East Broad St.
Athens, GA 30602-5412
PHONE: (706) 542-6762
FAX: (706) 542-6776
E-MAIL: sbdcdir@uga.cc.uga.edu


Dr. Stephen L. Marder
Executive Director
Small Business Development Center
University of Guam
Box 5061 - U. O. G. Station
Mangilao, GU 96923
PHONE: 011 (671) 735-2590/1/2/3/4
FAX: 011 (671) 734-2002


Darryl Mleynek
State Director
Hawaii Small Business Development Center Network
University of Hawaii at Hilo
200 West Kiwili
Hilo, HI 96720
PHONE: (808) 933-3515
FAX: (808) 933-3683
E-MAIL: darrylm@interpac.net


James Hogge
State Director
Idaho Small Business Development Center
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725
PHONE: (208) 385-1640
FAX: (208) 385-3877
E-MAIL: jhogge@bsu.idbsu.edu


Jeff Mitchell
State Director
Illinois Small Business Development Center
Department of Commerce & Community Affairs
620 East Adams St., 3rd Floor
Springfield, IL 62701
PHONE: (217) 524-5856
FAX: (217) 524-0171
E-MAIL: jeff.mitchell@accessil.com


Stephen G. Thrash (Steve)
Executive Director
Indiana Small Business Development Centers
One North Capitol, Suite 420
Indianapolis, IN 46204
PHONE: (317) 264-6871
FAX: (317) 264-3102
E-MAIL: sthrash@inforum.indycom.com


Ronald A. Manning (Ron)
State Director
Iowa Small Business Development Center
Iowa State University
137 Lynn Avenue
Ames, IA 50014
PHONE: (515) 292-6351
FAX: (515) 292-0020
E-MAIL: rmanning@iastate.edu


Clare Gustin
Acting State Director
Kansas Small Business Development Center
Fort Hays State University
1301 Pine Street
Hays, KS 67601
PHONE: (913) 628-5340
FAX: (913) 628-1471


Janet S. Holloway
State Director
Kentucky Small Business Development Center
University of Kentucky, Center for Business Dev.
225 Carol Martin Gatton Bus. & Econ. Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0034
PHONE: (606) 257-7668
FAX: (606) 323-1907
E-MAIL: cbejh@pop.uky.edu


John P. Baker
State Director
Louisiana Small Business Development Center
Northeast Louisiana University
Adm 2-57
Monroe, LA 71209-6435
PHONE: (318) 342-5506
FAX: (318) 342-5510
E-MAIL: brwall@merlin.nlu.edu


Charles Davis
State Director
Maine Small Business Development Center
University of Southern Maine
96 Falmouth St.
P.O. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104-9300
PHONE: (207) 780-4420
FAX: (207) 780-4810
E-MAIL: tisdale@maine.maine.edu


Tom McLamore
State Director
Maryland Small Business Development Center
Dept. of Business & Economic Development
217 East Redwood St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
PHONE: (410) 767-6552
FAX: (410) 333-4460


John F. Ciccarelli
State Director
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Room 205, School of Management
PO Box 34935
Amherst, MA 01003-4935
PHONE: (413) 545-6301
FAX: (413) 545-1273
E-MAIL: j.ciccarelli@dpc.umass.edu


Ronald Hall (Ron)
State Director
Michigan Small Business Development Center
Wayne State University
2727 Second Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
PHONE: (313) 964-1798 FAX: (313) 964-3648
E-MAIL: ron@misbdc.wayne.edu


Mary Kruger
State Director
Minnesota SBDC
500 Metro Square
121 7th Place East
St. Paul, MN 55101-2146
(612) 297-5770 FAX: (612) 296-1290


Raleigh H. Byars
Executive Director
Mississippi Small Business Development Center
University of Mississippi
Old Chemistry Building, Suite 216
University, MS 38677
PHONE: (601) 232-5001
FAX: (601) 232-5650
E-MAIL: rbyars@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu


Max E. Summers
State Director
Missouri Small Business Development Center
University of Missouri
300 University Place
Columbia, MO 65211
PHONE: (573) 882-0344
FAX: (573) 884-4297
E-MAIL: sbdc-mso@ext.missouri.edu


Gene Marcille
State Director
Montana Small Business Development Center
Montana Department of Commerce
1424 9th Avenue
Helena, MT 59620
PHONE: (406) 444-4780
FAX: (406) 444-1872
E-MAIL: proberts@win.com


Robert E. Bernier (Bob)
State Director
Nebraska Business Development Center
University of Nebraska at Omaha
60th & Dodge Sts., CBA Room 407
Omaha, NE 68182
PHONE: (402) 554-2521
FAX: (402) 554-3747
E-MAIL: rbernier@cbafaculty.unomaha.edu


Sam Males
State Director
Nevada Small Business Development Center
University of Nevada, Reno
College of Business Administration-032, Room 411
Reno, NV 89557-0100
PHONE: (702) 784-1717
FAX: (702) 784-4337
E-MAIL: wmoore@scs.unr.edu

New Hampshire

Liz Lamoureaux
State Director
New Hampshire Small Business Development Center
University of New Hampshire
108 McConnell Hall, 15 College Rd
Durham, NH 03824-3593
PHONE: (603) 862-2200
FAX: (603) 862-4876
E-MAIL: lml@christa.unh.edu

New Jersey

Brenda Hopper
State Director
New Jersey Small Business Development Center
Rutgers University Graduate School of Management
180 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
PHONE: (201) 648-5950
FAX: (201) 648-1110
E-MAIL: bhopper@andromeda.rutgers.edu

New Mexico

Lily Tercero
State Director
New Mexico Small Business Development Center
Santa Fe Community College
P.O. Box 4187
Santa Fe, NM 87502-4187
PHONE: (505) 438-1362
FAX: (505) 438-1237
E-MAIL: ltercero@santa-fe.cc.nm.us

New York

James L. King (Jim)
State Director
New York State Small Business Development Center
State University of New York
State University Plaza, S-523
Albany, NY 12246
PHONE: (518) 443-5398
FAX: (518) 465-4992
E-MAIL: kingjl@sysadm.suny.edu

North Carolina

Scott R. Daugherty
Executive Director
North Carolina SBTDC
University of North Carolina
333 Fayetteville Street Mall, Ste 1150
Raleigh, NC 27601
PHONE: (919) 715-7272
FAX: (919) 715-7777
E-MAIL: srdaughe.sbdc@mhs.unc.edu

North Dakota

Walter Kearns (Wally)
State Director
North Dakota Small Business Development Center
University of North Dakota
118 Gamble Hall, UND, Box 7308
Grand Forks, ND 58202
PHONE: (701) 777-3700
FAX: (701) 777-3225
E-MAIL: kearns@prairie.nodak.edu


Holly Schick
State Director
Ohio Small Business Development Center
77 South High Street (Columbus 43215-6108)
P.O. Box 1001
Columbus, OH 43216-1001
PHONE: (614) 466-2711
FAX: (614) 466-0829
E-MAIL: hschick@odod.ohio.gov


Grady L. Pennington
State Director
Oklahoma Small Business Development Center
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
P.O. Box 2584, Station A
Durant, OK 74701
PHONE: (405) 924-0277
FAX: (405) 920-7471


Edward Cutler (Sandy)
State Director
Oregon Small Business Development Center
Lane Community College
44 W. Broadway, Suite 501
Eugene, OR 97401-3021
PHONE: (541) 726-2250
FAX: (541) 345-6006
E-MAIL: ecutler@aol.com


Gregory L. Higgins (Greg)
State Director
Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Vance Hall, 4th Floor
3733 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6374
PHONE: (215) 898-1219
FAX: (215) 573-2135
E-MAIL: ghiggins@sec1.wharton.upenn.edu

Puerto Rico

J. Jorge Hernandez
State Director
Puerto Rico Small Business Development Center
Central Administration-UPR
P. O. Box 364984
San Juan, PR 00936-4984
PHONE: (787) 250-0000x2072
FAX: (787) 282-6882

Rhode Island

Douglas H. Jobling (Doug)
State Director
Rhode Island Small Business Development Center
Bryant College
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
PHONE: (401) 232-6111
FAX: (401) 232-6933

South Carolina

John M. Lenti
State Director
The Frank L. Roddey
Small Business Development Center
Univ. of S. Carolina, College of Bus. Administration
Columbia, SC 29208
PHONE: (803) 777-4907
FAX: (803) 777-4403
E-MAIL: lenti@darla.badm.scarolina.edu

South Dakota

Robert E. Ashley, Jr.
State Director
South Dakota Small Business Development Center
University of South Dakota, School of Business
414 E. Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069
PHONE: (605) 677-5498
FAX: (605) 677-5272


Kenneth J. Burns (Ken)
State Director
Tennessee Small Business Development Center
University of Memphis
Bldg. 1, South Campus
Memphis, TN 38152
PHONE: (901) 678-2500
FAX: (901) 678-4072
E-MAIL: gmickle@admin1.memphis.edu


Liz Klimback
Regional Director
North Texas SBDC
Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development
1402 Corinth St.
Dallas, TX 75215
PHONE: (214) 860-5831
FAX: (214) 860-5813
E-MAIL: emk9402@dcccd.edu


J. E. Cadou (Ted)
Regional Director
Houston Small Business Development Center
University of Houston
1100 Louisiana, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77002
PHONE: (713) 752-8444
FAX: (713) 756-1500
E-MAIL: uhsbdc@jetson.uh.edu


Craig Bean
Regional Director
N.W. Texas Small Business Development Center
Texas Tech University
2579 S. Loop 289, Suite 114
Lubbock, TX 79423
PHONE: (806) 745-3973
FAX: (806) 745-6207
E-MAIL: odaus@ttacs.ttu.edu

Texas-San Antonio

Robert M. McKinley (Bob)
Regional Director
UTSA South Texas Border SBDC
UTSA Downtown Center
1222 North Main Street, Suite 450
San Antonio, TX 78212
PHONE: (210) 558-2450
FAX: (210) 558-2464
E-MAIL: mckinle@utsadt.utsa.edu


Mike Finnerty
State Director
Utah Small Business Development Center
1623 S State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
PHONE: (801) 957-3485
FAX: (801) 957-3489


Donald L. Kelpinski
State Director
Vermont Small Business Development Center
Vermont Technical College
P.O. Box 422
Randolph, VT 05060
PHONE: (802) 728-9101
FAX: (802) 728-3026
E-MAIL: dkelpins@night.vtc.vsc.edu

Virgin Islands

Chester Williams
State Director
UVI Small Business Development Center
Sunshine Mall, Suite 104
Frederiksted, St. Croix USVI 00840
PHONE: (809) 692-5270
FAX: (809) 692-5629 St Croix
FAX: (809) 775-3756 St Thomas
E-MAIL: badeien@uvi.edu St Thomas


Dr. Robert D. Smith (Bob)
State Director
Virginia Small Business Development Center
901 East Byrd Street, Suite 1800
P.O. Box 798
Richmond, VA 23206-0798
PHONE: (804) 371-8253
FAX: (804) 225-3384


Carol Riesenberg
State Director
Washington Small Business Development Center Washington State University
501 Johnson Tower
Pullman, WA 99164-4851
PHONE: (509) 335-1576
FAX: (509) 335-0949
E-MAIL: riesenbe@wsu.edu

West Virginia

Hazel Kroesser Palmer
State Director
West Virginia Small Business Development Center 950 Kanawha Blvd. E,
Ste 200
Charleston, WV 25301
PHONE: (304) 558-2960
FAX: (304) 558-0127
E-MAIL: palmeh@mail.wvnet.edu


Erica McIntire
State Director
Wisconsin Small Business Development Center
University of Wisconsin
432 North Lake St, Room 423
Madison, WI 53706
PHONE: (608) 263-7794
FAX: (608) 263-7830
E-MAIL: mcintire@admin.uwex.edu


Diane Wolverton
State Director
WSBDC/State Network Office
P.O. Box 3922
Laramie, WY 82071-3922
PHONE: (307) 766-3505 Fax: (307) 766-3406
E-MAIL: DDW@uwyo.edu

Associate Members

Anne Hope
St. Mary's University Business Development Center
The Sterns Building, 81 Alderney Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
PHONE: (902) 469-2992
FAX: (902) 469-4244

Jere Calmes
Upstart Publishing
155 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
PHONE: (312) 836-4400
FAX: (312) 644-0930

Robert Hogan
Management Advisory Services
A Division of Moss Adams
1001 Fourth Ave., Ste. 2700
Seattle, WA 98154-1199
PHONE: (206) 442-2616
FAX: (206) 233-9214

R. J. Sandoval
AmericanBank Corpus Christi
P.O. Box 6469
Corpus Christi, TX 78466-6469
PHONE: (512) 992-9900

Doug Doremus
Dun & Bradstreet
3 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
PHONE: (201) 605-6731
FAX: (201) 605-6911

Istvan Bogyo
Vallalkozoi Tanacsado Kozpont Kht.
4026 Debrecen, Peterfia u. 25.
PHONE/FAX: 011 (52) 447-301

National SBDC Research Network

Mary Ellen Beck
National SBDC Research Network
State University of New York
State University Plaza, S-523
Albany, NY 12246
PHONE: (800) 438-6361
FAX: (518) 443-5275
Electronic Bulletin Board: (518) 443-5264
E-MAIL: sbdcrn@snycenvm.bitnet
WEBSITE: http://www.smallbiz.suny.edu

Legislative Counsel

Allen Neece
Thomas Cator (Tom)
Neece, Cator, McGahey and Associates
1050 17th St., N.W.
Suite 810
Washington, D.C. 20036
PHONE: (202) 223-8607
FAX: (202) 223-8608

Membership Services Office

Jacquelyn Johnston (Jackie)
Membership Services Director
1300 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 201
McLean, VA 22101-3967
PHONE: (703) 448-6124
FAX: (703) 448-6125
E-MAIL: jjohns1012@aol.com

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