CALCRIM No. 107. Pro Per Defendant

Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions (2023 edition)

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107.Pro Per Defendant
(The defendant[s]/ <insert name[s] of self-represented
defendant[s]>) (has/have) the right to be represented by an attorney in
this trial, as do all criminal defendants in this country. (He/She/They)
(has/have) decided instead to exercise (his/her/their) constitutional right
to act as (his/her/their) own attorney in this case. Do not allow that
decision to affect your verdict.
The court applies the rules of evidence and procedure to a (self-
represented defendant/ <insert name[s] of self-represented
New August 2009
Instructional Duty
This instruction may be given on request.
Basis for Right of Self-Representation. Sixth Amendment, Constitution of the
United States; Faretta v. California (1975) 422 U.S. 806 [95 S.Ct. 2525, 45
L.Ed.2d 562].
5 Witkin & Epstein, California Criminal Law (4th ed. 2012) Criminal Trial, § 291.
1 Millman, Sevilla & Tarlow, California Criminal Defense Practice, Ch. 1, The
California Defense Advocate, § 1.73 (Matthew Bender).
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