CALCRIM No. 852B. Evidence of Charged Domestic Violence

Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions (2023 edition)

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852B.Evidence of Charged Domestic Violence
The People presented evidence that the defendant committed the
crime[s] of <insert description of offense[s]> charged in
Count[s] <insert count[s] of domestic violence offense[s]
charged in this case>.
If the People have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant
committed one or more of these crimes, you may, but are not required
to, conclude from that evidence that the defendant was disposed or
inclined to commit domestic violence offenses, and based on that
decision, also conclude that the defendant was likely to commit [and did
commit] the other domestic violence offenses charged in this case.
If you find that the defendant committed one or more of these crimes,
that conclusion is only one factor to consider along with all the other
evidence. It is not sufficient by itself to prove that the defendant is guilty
of another crime. The People must still prove (the/each) (charge/ [and]
allegation) beyond a reasonable doubt.
New March 2017
Instructional Duty
The court must give this instruction on request if the People rely on charged
offenses as evidence of predisposition to commit similar crimes charged in the same
case. (Evid. Code § 355.)
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Charged Offenses Proved Beyond a Reasonable Doubt May Be Evidence of
Propensity. People v. Cruz (2016) 2 Cal.App.5th 1178, 1186-1186 [206
Cal.Rptr.3d 835]; People v. Villatoro (2012) 54 Cal.4th 1152, 1161 [144
Cal.Rptr.3d 401, 281 P.3d 390].
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