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Appendix B - Selected Sentencing Statutes

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November 1, 2005GUIDELINES MANUALAppendix B

These statutory provisions are presented in this appendix solely for the purpose of providing a reference to federal sentencing law as it currently stands. For the sake of brevity, certain miscellaneous provisions are omitted. The Commission makes no representations concerning the accuracy of these provisions and recommends that authoritative sources be consulted where legal reliance is necessary.

Title 18






3551. Authorized sentences.
3552. Presentence reports.
3553. Imposition of a sentence.
3554. Order of criminal forfeiture.
3555. Order of notice to victims.
3556. Order of restitution.
3557. Review of a sentence.
3558. Implementation of a sentence.
3559. Sentencing classification of offenses.

§ 3551. Authorized sentences

(a) In general.-Except as otherwise specifically provided, a defendant who has been found guilty of an offense described in any Federal statute, including sections 13 and 1153 of this title, other than an Act of Congress applicable exclusively in the District of Columbia or the Uniform Code of Military Justice, shall be sentenced in accordance with the provisions of this chapter so as to achieve the purposes set forth in subparagraphs (A) through (D) of section 3553(a)(2) to the extent that they are applicable in light of all the circumstances of the case.

(b) Individuals.-An individual found guilty of an offense shall be sentenced, in accordance with the provisions of section 3553, to—

(1) a term of probation as authorized by subchapter B;
(2) a fine as authorized by subchapter C; or
(3) a term of imprisonment as authorized by subchapter D.

A sentence to pay a fine may be imposed in addition to any other sentence. A sanction authorized by section 3554, 3555, or 3556 may be imposed in addition to the sentence required by this subsection.

1Another chapter 227 "SENTENCE, JUDGMENT, AND EXECUTION" (§§ 3561 to 3580) was repealed, effective Nov. 1, 1987.

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