Criminal Law

Appendix B - Selected Sentencing Statutes

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November 1, 2005GUIDELINES MANUALAppendix B

that domain name in the course of that offense, the maximum imprisonment otherwise provided by law for that offense shall be doubled or increased by 7 years, whichever is less.

(2) As used in this section--

(A) the term "falsely registers" means registers in a manner that prevents the effective identification of or contact with the person who registers; and

(B) the term "domain name" has the meaning given that term is section 45 of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the registration and protection of trademarks used in commerce, to carry out the provisions of certain international conventions, and for other purposes" approved July 5, 1946 (commonly referred to as the "Trademark Act of 1946") (15 U.S.C. 1127).

(Added Pub.L. 98-473, Title II, § 212(a)(2), Oct. 12, 1984, 98 Stat. 1991, and amended Pub.L. 100-185, § 5, Dec. 11, 1987, 101 Stat. 1279; Pub.L. 100-690, Title VII, § 7041, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4399); Pub.L. 103-322, Title VII § 70001, Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1982; Pub.L. 105-314, Title V, § 501, Oct. 30, 1998, 112 Stat. 2980; Pub.L. 105-386, § 1(b), Nov. 13, 1998, 112 Stat. 3470; Pub.L. 108-21, Title I, § 106(a), Apr. 30, 2003, 117 Stat. 654; Pub.L. 108-482, Title II, § 204(a), Dec. 23, 2004, 118 Stat. 3917.)


Effective Date. Section effective on the first day of first calendar month beginning thirty six months after Oct. 12, 1984, applicable only to offenses committed after taking effect of sections 211 to 239 of Pub.L. 98-473, and except as otherwise provided for therein, see section 235 of Pub.L. 98-473, as amended, set out as a note under section 3551 of this title.



3561. Sentence of probation.
3562. Imposition of a sentence of probation.
3563. Conditions of probation.
3564. Running of a term of probation.
3565. Revocation of probation.
3566. Implementation of a sentence of probation.

§ 3561. Sentence of probation

(a) In general.—A defendant who has been found guilty of an offense may be sentenced to a term of probation unless—

(1) the offense is a Class A or Class B felony and the defendant is an individual; (2) the offense is an offense for which probation has been expressly precluded; or (3) the defendant is sentenced at the same time to a term of imprisonment for the same or a different offense that is not a petty offense.

(b) Domestic violence offenders.—A defendant who has been convicted for the first time of a domestic violence crime shall be sentenced to a term of probation if not sentenced to a term of imprisonment. The term "domestic violence crime" means a crime of violence for which the defendant may be prosecuted in a court of the United States in which the victim or intended victim is the spouse, former spouse, intimate partner, former intimate partner, child, or former child of the defendant, or any other relative of the defendant.

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