Criminal Law


  1. Within 120 days of the approval of these Guidelines by the Attorney General, each JLEA shall develop agency-specific guidelines that comply with these Guidelines, and submit such agency-specific guidelines to the AAG for the Criminal Division for review. The agency-specific guidelines must ensure, at a minimum, that the JLEA's agents receive sufficient initial and in-service training in the use of CIs consistent with these Guidelines, and that compliance with these Guidelines is considered in the annual performance appraisal of its agents. As part of such compliance the JLEA shall designate a senior official to oversee all aspects of its CI program, including the training of agents; registration, review and termination of CIs; and notifications to outside entities.
  2. Within 30 days of the approval of these Guidelines, each JLEA shall establish a Confidential Informant Review Committee (CIRC) for the purpose of conducting the review procedures specified in paragraphs (II)(A)(3), (II)(D)(1), and (II)(D)(2).