Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agency

Agency that exists in every State that locates non-custodial parents (NCPs) or putative fathers (PF), establishes, enforces, and modifies child support, and collects and distributes child support money. Operated by State or local government according to the Child Support Enforcement Program guidelines as set forth in Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Also known as a "IV-D Agency".

(See also: IV-D)

Agency that exists in the 54 states and territories and several Native American tribes, established by title IV-D (Four-D) of the Social Security Act, to locate noncustodial parents, establish paternity and establish and enforce child support orders.

Source: Office of Child Support Enforcement

Agency that exists in every state to find parents that dont have custody (called "noncustodial parents," or "NCPs"). Or to find the person assumed to be the father of a child (called a "putative father," or "PF"). Makes, enforces, and changes child support. Collects and gives out child support money. Also known as an "IV-D agency." (See IV-D .)

Source: California Courts.