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Life insurance can provide financial security for your loved ones after your death.

Auto insurance can help cover injuries and property damage resulting from accidents.

Owning a home comes with substantial risks, which homeowners’ insurance can help mitigate.

Medical bills can impose a heavy burden, so getting health insurance can be critical.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need life insurance?
    If you have dependents with immediate needs and few alternative sources of support, or if your estate will be bogged down in probate for some time, life insurance may make sense.
  • How can I keep my auto insurance premiums manageable?
    You should drive safely, choose a vehicle with safety features, and find out about any discounts for which you may be eligible. However, certain factors affect premiums that you cannot control.
  • Do I need gap insurance for my car?
    You might consider gap insurance for your car if you will owe more on your car loan than what the car is worth. Gap insurance is meant to cover the difference if your car is totaled in an accident.
  • Why do I need liability insurance for my home?
    Purchasing liability insurance makes sense because the potential consequences of going without coverage are so devastating, even though the probability of needing the coverage is not high.
  • Do I need extra insurance when I am renting out my condominium?
    You can purchase insurance for landlords, or you can add an endorsement to your homeowner’s insurance. You can require a prospective tenant to purchase insurance as a condition of the lease.
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Popular Topics
  • Renters’ Insurance
    A tenant with an insurance policy can report damaged or stolen property to their landlord and insurer to get reimbursed for its replacement cost.
  • Business Insurance
    In addition to general liability insurance, a business may want to buy property insurance, auto insurance, professional liability insurance, and more.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance provides reimbursement for trips that are canceled or interrupted, as well as medical evacuations.
  • Insurance Claims
    A policyholder must follow certain steps to pursue a claim, and they may need to negotiate a settlement or challenge an unjustified denial of a claim.
  • Insurance Premiums
    A policyholder must make recurring payments for insurance coverage, based on calculations made by underwriters from actuarial statistics.
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