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Take your marketing to the next level with Justia Amplify. We offer PPC management solutions designed for your firm’s needs, including:

  • Up to $1,000 in Google Ads PPC Credit for New Clients
  • Two Effective Plans to Fit Your Budget
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Management Contracts
  • Optimized Landing Pages for Increased Conversions
  • Click Fraud Detection and Prevention Services
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You may be eligible for up to $1,000 in Google Ads PPC credit.

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Testimonial from Brian Bradford
The PPC aspect of our marketing has been dialed in because of the qualified account managers who have been a joy to work with and build my law firm with. I would absolutely recommend Justia to anyone. Brian Bradford, Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC
Testimonial from Mark Lowry
My firm has seen a surge in business since beginning PPC with Justia a few months ago. I am therefore very pleased with this team! Mark Lowry, Lowry Legal, LLC
Testimonial from Chris Rabideau
Since the start of our Justia Amplify campaign, my law firm has seen a noticeable increase in quality new cases. Justia Amplify has been well worth the investment. I highly recommend Justia services! Chris Rabideau, McCroskey Law
Testimonial from Michael Smith
I recently hired Justia to manage a Google Ads campaign and my firm immediately noticed an increase in volume of potential clients. I was able to turn a number of leads into high value cases with the help of Justia! Michael Smith, The Mass Injury Group