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Justia AI Writer is not just another AI content generation tool. Our user-friendly AI tool is designed specifically to create content for law firm websites and is exclusive to our next-generation website platform: Justia Elevate. With Justia Elevate, lawyers and law firms have access to resources that help maximize online visibility and create long-term legal marketing success.

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What Sets Justia AI Writer Apart?

Wondering what makes Justia AI Writer different from the other AI content generation tools on the market? Just about everything.

  • Gear Generative AI for All Skill Levels: Want a practice area page with no prompt writing? Use the guided interface to create pages on common topics. All you have to do is tell the system your target practice area, subtopic, and location. More comfortable with AI or want other custom content? Use our freeform content block generator to create a draft instantly. Just give the system a few instructions.
  • Messages Easy Editing: All content created using Justia AI Writer can be easily reviewed and revised before it's published on your website, empowering you to make your content great.
  • Resources to Improve Your Pages Resources to Create & Improve Your Content: Justia AI Writer creates the content for you, and we provide the guidance to enhance it. Our comprehensive guides cover effective prompt-writing when needed and offer valuable tips on enhancing all AI-generated content to boost your conversion rates.
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