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  • Show at the Top of the Search Results
  • Pay Only for Contacts, Not for Clicks
  • Google Screened Checkmark Icon
Google PPC & LSA
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Google Partner

Justia is proud to be a Google Partner. Our Google-certified marketing professionals are known for maximizing client success by leveraging our digital marketing expertise to drive growth through our clients' PPC ad campaigns.

Get More Contacts With Less Effort

Google's Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a new and exciting way to advertise your law firm's services at the very top of Google's search results. We focus exclusively on law firms - we know what works to get you more leads and clients. Here are some benefits that your law firm needs to know about Google's LSAs and why you should take advantage of this opportunity now:

Top Search Visibility

Google’s LSAs show up as a strip at the very top of the search engine results page (SERP), above the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, the Maps, and the organic results.

Low Cost Marketing

You may be surprised to learn how affordable LSAs are. Lawyers should take advantage of this opportunity now while the product is new and there is less competition.

Cost-Effective Ads

Unlike with traditional pay-per-click advertising, you pay per contact with LSAs. You pay only for each phone call or message that you receive. You can dispute invalid contacts.

Google’s Powerful Endorsement

After passing background checks, the Google Screened badge will show prominently next to your business on the LSAs, which can help earn the trust of your customers.

Testimonial from Chris Rabideau
Since the start of our Justia Amplify campaign, my law firm has seen a noticeable increase in quality new cases. Justia Amplify has been well worth the investment. I highly recommend Justia services! Chris Rabideau, McCroskey Law
Testimonial from Brian Bradford
The PPC aspect of our marketing has been dialed in because of the qualified account managers who have been a joy to work with and build my law firm with. I would absolutely recommend Justia to anyone. Brian Bradford, Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC
Testimonial from Mark Lowry
My firm has seen a surge in business since beginning PPC with Justia a few months ago. I am therefore very pleased with this team! Mark Lowry, Lowry Legal, LLC
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