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The Justia Lawyer Directory offers premium placements for attorneys. Attorneys who purchase top placements will become premium members, and in addition to their premium placement in search results, they will receive a premium profile and access to their traffic statistics.

Our lawyer directory team will contact you shortly to discuss your specific needs, provide pricing, and answer any questions you might have.

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Testimonial from Robert D. Kreisman
I have been a happy Justia client since 2008. Thanks to their expertise in legal marketing, my Chicago law firm stands out in this competitive market. Robert D. Kreisman, Kreisman Law Offices
Testimonial from Ken Shigley
I highly recommend Justia to lawyers seeking strong, cost-effective support for their web marketing. Ken Shigley, Shigley Law, LLC
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A Justia client since 2010, I have seen first-hand their wealth of experience in law firm marketing and SEO. I recommend Justia without reservations. Mark C. Hartsoe, Hartsoe Law Firm, P.C.
Testimonial from Michael E. Kraut
Over the many years I've worked with Justia, they've been proactive and effective at greatly increasing traffic to my website and blogs. Michael E. Kraut, Kraut Law Group
Testimonial from Carol James
Justia shares our firm's focus on results, and their performance-driven model has helped us to generate new business through our web properties. Carol James, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP
Testimonial from Steven Levin & John Perconti
Since partnering with Justia, we have maintained excellent organic rankings in the competitive Chicago market. Steven Levin & John Perconti, Levin & Perconti