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Explore the home buying process, and learn how to determine whether owning a home is right for you.

Discover the rights and duties homeowners have regarding neighbors, insurance, taxes, pets, and more.

Find out how to approach the sale of your home in an efficient manner that maximizes your investment.

Learn about the process to finance (or refinance) your home purchase with a mortgage loan.

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  • Why to Buy a Home
    Buying a home can be a solid financial investment if the property goes up in value, paying your mortgage promptly can help you build credit, and owning a home can also lead to tax deductions and credits.
  • Financial Considerations/Affording a Home
    Things to consider before trying to buy a home include whether you have a sufficient down payment, whether you can afford the mortgage payment and related costs, and whether you can qualify for a mortgage.
  • DIY Versus Contractors
    While you may be able to personally handle some home improvements, such as painting a room or installing a faucet, for major renovations it can be best and even legally required to hire a professional.
  • First Steps Before Selling Your Home
    Before putting your home on the market, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend on improvements, your timeline for selling, and how much comparable homes are currently selling for.
  • Foreclosure Defense
    If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, it is important to take action by seeking a negotiated solution with your lender, enrolling in financial counseling, or seeking advice from an attorney.
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