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Read about speeding, red light violations, and other common reasons for pulling over a driver.

Being pulled over does not necessarily mean that you will get points on your license.

You can take a traffic ticket case to trial, but sometimes a more efficient resolution is better.

Knowing the penalties and collateral consequences can help you decide whether to fight a ticket.

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  • Speeding Tickets
    The strategy for fighting a speeding ticket will depend on whether the driver allegedly violated an absolute, presumed, or basic speed limit.
  • Red Light Violations
    Your defense against a red light ticket will depend on whether there was a camera at the intersection that took photos of the violation.
  • Trials in Traffic Ticket Cases
    A trial will proceed from opening statements through testimony and cross-examination to closing statements and the verdict.
  • Driver’s License Suspensions
    A license suspension can result from repeated moving violations and prevent you from driving for a certain period unless you get a hardship license.
  • Traffic School
    Traffic school may allow a driver who has been ticketed for a moving violation to keep the violation off their driving record.
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