CACI No. 110. Service Provider for Juror With Disability

Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (2022 edition)

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110.Service Provider for Juror With Disability
During trial, [name of juror] will be assisted by a [insert service provider].
The [insert service provider] is not a member of the jury and is not to
participate in the deliberations in any way other than as necessary to
provide the service to [name of juror].
New September 2003
Directions for Use
This instruction should be read along with other introductory instructions at the
beginning of the trial if appropriate.
Sources and Authority
Eligibility to Serve as Juror. Code of Civil Procedure section 203(a)(6).
Service Provider for Juror With Disability. Code of Civil Procedure section 224.
Secondary Sources
7 Witkin, California Procedure (5th ed. 2008) Trial, §§ 320, 330
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322.40 (Matthew Bender)
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