California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI)

VF-1802. Privacy—False Light

New September 2003; Revised April 2007, December 2010

Directions for Use

The special verdict forms in this section are intended only as models. They may need to be modified depending on the facts of the case.

This verdict form is based on CACI No. 1802, False Light.

If the conduct does not involve a matter of public concern, then substitute the following for question number 3: “Was [name of defendant] negligent in determining the truth of the information or whether a false impression would be created by its publication?” If the conduct involved material that is notdefamatory on its face, the following question should be added to this form: “Did [name of plaintiff] sustain harm to [his/her] property, business, profession, or occupation [including money spent as a result of the statements(s)]?”

If specificity is not required, users do not have to itemize all the damages listed in question 5 and do not have to categorize “economic” and “noneconomic” damages, especially if it is not a Proposition 51 case. The breakdown of damages is optional depending on the circumstances.

If there are multiple causes of action, users may wish to combine the individual forms into one form. If different damages are recoverable on different causes of action, replace the damages tables in all of the verdict forms with CACI No. VF-3920, Damages on Multiple Legal Theories.