CACI No. 2611. Affirmative Defense - Fitness for Duty Statement

Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (2017 edition)

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2611.Affirmative Defense—Fitness for Duty Statement
[Name of defendant] claims that [he/she/it] refused to return [name of
plaintiff] to work because [he/she] did not provide a written statement
from [his/her] health-care provider that [he/she] was fit to return to
work. To succeed, [name of defendant] must prove both of the following:
1. That [name of defendant] has a uniformly applied practice or
policy that requires employees on leave because of their own
serious health condition to provide a written statement from
their health-care provider that they are able to return to work;
2. That [name of plaintiff] did not provide [name of defendant] with a
written statement from [his/her] health-care provider of [his/her]
fitness to return to work.
New September 2003
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