CACI No. VF-3500. Fair Market Value Plus Goodwill

Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (2023 edition)

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VF-3500.Fair Market Value Plus Goodwill
We answer the questions submitted to us as follows:
1. What was the fair market value of the property on [insert date of
valuation]? $
Answer question 2.
2. What was the value of the loss of goodwill on [insert date of
valuation]? $
Signed: Presiding Juror
After [this verdict form has/all verdict forms have] been signed, notify
the [clerk/bailiff/court attendant] that you are ready to present your
verdict in the courtroom.
New September 2003; Revised December 2007, December 2010, December 2016
Directions for Use
This verdict form is based on CACI No. 3501, “Fair Market Value” Explained, and
CACI No. 3513, Goodwill.
The special verdict forms in this section are intended only as models. They may
need to be modified depending on the facts of the case.
If the jury is being given the discretion under Civil Code section 3288 to award
prejudgment interest (see Bullis v. Security Pac. Nat’l Bank (1978) 21 Cal.3d 801,
814 [148 Cal.Rptr. 22, 582 P.2d 109]), give CACI No. 3935, Prejudgment Interest.
This verdict form may need to be augmented for the jury to make any factual
findings that are required in order to calculate the amount of prejudgment interest.

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