CACI No. VF-700. Motor Vehicle Owner Liability - Permissive Use of Vehicle

Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (2024 edition)

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VF-700.Motor Vehicle Owner Liability - Permissive Use of Vehicle
We answer the questions submitted to us as follows:
1. Was [name of defendant] an owner of the vehicle at the time of the
injury to [name of plaintiff]?
1. Yes No
1. If your answer to question 1 is yes, then answer question 2. If you
answered no, stop here, answer no further questions, and have
the presiding juror sign and date this form.
2. Did [name of defendant], by words or conduct, give permission to
[name of driver] to use the vehicle?
2. Yes No
Signed: Presiding Juror
After [this verdict form has/all verdict forms have] been signed, notify
the [clerk/bailiff/court attendant] that you are ready to present your
verdict in the courtroom.
New September 2003; Revised December 2010
Directions for Use
This is for use in conjunction with the general negligence verdict forms involving
motor vehicles. The two questions here should be incorporated into the verdict form
regarding the underlying case. The special verdict forms in this section are intended
only as models. They may need to be modified depending on the facts of the case.
This verdict form is based on CACI No. 720, Motor Vehicle Owner
Liability - Permissive Use of Vehicle.
If there are multiple causes of action, users may wish to combine the individual
forms into one form. If different damages are recoverable on different causes of
action, replace the damages tables in all of the verdict forms with CACI No. VF-
3920, Damages on Multiple Legal Theories.

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