Workers’ Compensation Law Center

Take steps to notify your employer and its insurer soon after a workplace injury.

Workers will be covered if they were injured while performing their job duties.

Consult a doctor soon after a workplace injury to start building a medical record.

Many legitimate claims are initially denied, but a worker may get benefits after an appeal.

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Popular Topics
  • Reporting a Work Injury
    You need to promptly report an accident or illness on the job to your employer so that you preserve your right to benefits.
  • Workers’ Compensation Settlements
    A settlement can efficiently resolve a workers’ compensation claim, but it may not be the right solution if the scope of the worker’s injuries is unclear.
  • Independent Medical Examinations
    An independent medical examination is meant to provide a neutral opinion about a contested issue in a workers’ compensation claim, but the opinion is not always neutral.
  • Third-Party Claims Based on Work Injuries
    A worker can bring a personal injury claim against someone other than an employer or coworker if that third party caused the workplace accident.
  • Reopening a Workers’ Compensation Claim
    If a worker finds that their condition worsens after their claim has been closed, they can ask to reopen their claim and pursue additional benefits.
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