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Based in Silicon Valley, Justia offers state-of-the-art marketing solutions, catering specifically to law firms and lawyers throughout the nation. We possess an unparalleled track record in helping law firms grow their practices.

We believe people and pets are better together, especially at work. Justia is a pet-friendly office.

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Our Company

Our CEO and president are both attorneys, each with more than 20 years of Internet legal marketing experience, and we have numerous legal professionals, strong engineers, resourceful marketers, talented designers, and seasoned account managers on our team.

Justia's purpose is to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society. We developed and maintain, one of the highest trafficked legal websites in the world that includes a robust lawyer directory, free case law and codes, and community resources.

Justia is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices in San Jose, San Francisco and Saltillo.

Learn more by visiting Justia’s Corporate Center.

Work With the Best

We truly care about the success of our clients. We provide a free telephone consultation to review your current marketing campaigns and discuss how we can improve your marketing ROI by strengthening your branding and online visibility.

Complete the contact form or call us at (888) 587-8421 to schedule your free consultation.

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