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  • Membership program designed for legal professionals
  • Free, high-quality profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory
  • Member-only discounts on top services and products
  • Knowledge-sharing and learning opportunities
  • Reach clients and colleagues through Justia

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Justia Connect is our exclusive membership program connecting legal professionals like you with benefits and resources to achieve your professional and practice-growth goals. Connect with clients and colleagues by sharing knowledge and learning, take advantage of savings on various products and services, and unleash your full potential.

We offer two Justia Connect membership plans: a free Justia Connect Basic Membership and a Justia Connect Pro Membership that offers you upgraded features and additional exclusive benefits.

Justia Connect Basic Membership
Lawyers, Become a Justia Connect Member

Free Justia Connect Basic Memberships are available for all licensed U.S. attorneys. As a Justia Connect member, you can take increase your exposure to clients with a free profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory, leverage members-only savings from leading companies in the legal, technology, travel, and entertainment industries, and stay up to date on the latest in law and legal marketing through Justia Daily Opinion Summaries and Legal Marketing Updates from the Justia Onward blog.

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Coming Soon Justia Connect Pro Membership

With Justia Connect Pro, you can take your membership up a notch. Get everything that Justia Connect offers, including additional features and even more exclusive benefits designed to help you reach your goals.

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