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We are proud of the work we have done for our clients. We have worked with a wide range of clients nationwide, providing them with proven legal marketing solutions to grow their business. We have built long-term relationships with our clients by offering our proven approach, expertise and dedicated customer service.

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What Our Clients Say

I run a legal business, which I like to say practices law. I was a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years involving technology-related and computer companies. I had a strong background in website design and search engine marketing before going to law school and knew what was necessary to make my new law firm successful. When I started looking at who was providing legal websites, I talked to everyone. Justia was one of the few firms that understood what was necessary and was the only one that was willing to listen and implement suggestions on how to improve the results on my website. I have been using Justia for over 5 years, and web based marketing is the exclusive method of marketing for my law firm. We started with a single practice area and now have 9 lawyers, a law firm website, and 7 blogs with Justia.

The Justia websites have the best ROI of any web based marketing or non web based marketing I have been involved with. Our revenues increase month after month.

I understand the cost of what they provide and know what it would cost me to provide the same to myself using overseas programmers associated with some of my other technology companies. It would be very difficult to replicate what they offer for less money, and it would take you years to get to where you can be on day one. Having the ability to do this project in-house we still choose Justia because of their superior value and experience. They are very responsive to changes and follow up on requests timely and professionally.

If you are looking for a great value, a high quality website, and a website that performs (generates revenue) then Justia is who I would recommend and have recommended to others for more than 5 years. Sure you can create your own blog for free, but what good is it if no one reads it.

I am incredibly thrilled I found Justia. I previously had two previous web companies, both of which exclusively did lawyer websites. These other web companies did not even compare to what Justia was able to do for my firm on any level. From design, search engine optimization, customer service, and strategic guidance, Justia took my website ( from being an ordinary site that was lost in the crowd to one of the top personal injury sites in Boston. The people at Justia take pride in their work and really care about what they are doing. This is what sets them apart from any other legal web company. I am extremely grateful to everyone at Justia and would recommend them highly to any law firm. They deserve five stars.

I wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up our site ( and Blog ( We are very pleased with the look and feel. In addition, your SEO is amazing, as we went from non-existent on Google to performing very well on multiple key phrases, within a week of posting the new site. It has been great working with you all.

The lawyers of Beard Stacey & Jacobsen, LLP focus on maritime personal injury. Two years ago, we looked around for a company that could design our website ( and optimize its content. We found Justia and, right from the beginning, Justia exceeded all our expectations. First, we wanted a company that understands the business end of the practice of law. Stacy Stern and other lawyers at Justia have this understanding. Second, we wanted an innovative, can-do, dynamic partner in our website endeavor. Justia has consistently blown us away with their ideas and the implementation of those ideas. Third, we wanted responsive, service-minded people to work with. Justia certainly is all of this. Often times, we pick up the phone and can immediately reach Tim Stanley, the CEO, to kick around some ideas and ask for advice. We whole-heartedly recommend Justia.

Thank you for assistance in growing our business with your help on our new Web site ( and blog ( We have received great results from our online marketing and education with your help. This has been a great investment.

This is to extend my sincere gratitude to all Justia Team Members and CEO, Tim Stanley. Justia has exceeded far beyond my expectations. It is clear why Justia has maintained its nationally recognized status of leadership and excellence in providing Attorney Marketing Services and legal resources in the industry.

My firm needed a strong on-line local web and marketing presence. After researching different web design and SEO companies, I chose Justia to provide my website services. Justia offered and delivered unique marketing solutions tailored to the needs of my law firm.

Justia websites are creative, graphically appealing, and highly optimized. Justia stays informed of search engine updates and cutting edge lawyer marketing, web design features, and makes sure their websites transition into the future. Their current interactive and responsive designs of websites and blogs made them more competitive by providing web traffic visitors with the best user experience possible.

Justia Support Team is second to none. They are highly skilled, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, competent and accessible. They offer individualized training for administrative use for the website products when they are ready to go live. Their Support Team is responsive to technical or content issues that arise. They work together to create and implement action plans for troubleshooting issues. Then they promptly follow through until they are resolved. They review content on the website to make sure it is within search engines quality guidelines, and offer suggestions and solutions for improving it.

Justia's CEO, Tim Stanley, is "hands on". He works closely with his team and is familiar with the unique challenges and marketing needs of each law firm. He is personally committed to assuring that websites perform well, display high in search results for targeted inquiries, and convert to connections with clients who need their legal services. Thank-you Justia for all you have done. I will be forever grateful and look forward to many more years of success with Justia.

Joshua Friedman
Friedman & Houlding LLP

The folks at Justia have to be the nicest, most responsive, business people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone in their organization is consistently fantastic. I am sure this has been a big part of their terrific success.

When I started with Justia in 2005, I was a sole practitioner, with a website which was performing adequately, but was not going to drive the sort of growth I was seeking. By the close of 2013, I will have added five attorneys and an investigator to our staff, and several hundred new clients. Justia deserves a lot of the credit. Justia has constantly made major improvements to my website ( There was a hugely successful redesign in 2010, adding video and other enhanced features. Justia added a blog, which not only drives traffic, it allows us to communicate our message to our adversaries and our peers. Justia just added a mobile version of my website, which has added significant, qualified traffic.

Whenever I have a question or concern, I receive prompt attention from someone who is highly qualified. Whatever the subject, social media, mobile, CPC, Justia has someone terrific. All their employees are all well trained and a pleasure to work with. Please feel free to call me personally any time for a reference.

Aimee Hess
Aimee Hess, P.C.

When I decided that I wanted to create an internet presence for my firm a few years ago, I researched many available firms, and interviewed quite a number by phone. I chose Justia and have been thrilled with them ever since. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. They are personable, responsive, knowledgeable, dependable, creative and totally dedicated to my success. In large part because of their efforts, I have more business than I can handle! They have become an integral part of my marketing, and are truly a partner in the success of my firm. I recommend them without reservation to anyone considering a blog or a website.

Arkady Itkin, Esq.
Law Office of Arkady Itkin

I had a pleasure of signing up for the Justia service with Stacy Stern, who was very helpful and patient in explaining to me the service the company provides and its benefits.

She wasn't exaggerating when she told me that Justia prides itself on providing personal attention to each client. I was led step by step through the process of setting up the blog by Kerri Kinoshita, who was nothing but the most reliable, professional, punctual, kind, and competent in just about every aspect of blog set up and configuration.

My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly, which is so essential to this kind of service.

I look forward to a long-term partnership with Justia and its wonderful staff.

After fumbling about the internet for several years, trying to build a website myself, I finally realized I would need first-class help developing my web presence ( An exhaustive search led me to and Stacy Stern.

From the outset, I found the organization to be forthright about what they could and could not do, helpful in every way possible and very friendly throughout the process. There was no question too trivial, nor too lengthy, for them to answer.

In what seemed a few short months, the telephone began to ring, the email box began to fill up, and the clientele flowed in. My investment has paid off handsomely and will continue to do so.

I am grateful I found It has brought new clients and new challenges to my practice that I might never have enjoyed without their help.

J. Michael Clay
The Law Office of J. Michael Clay

I was extremely pleased with Justia's performance from the moment I first called them to the moment my site ( was published. The entire process was handled professionally and expeditiously, and I had No. 1 search engine rankings on most, if not all, of my relevant search terms (even in Google) in only a few days after the site was published. The entire staff kept me involved in the process and quickly responded to all of my suggestions and comments. The fee was very reasonable, especially considering the significant traffic increase I enjoyed after publication of the web site. I would highly recommend Justia to any law firm seeking to establish or improve its internet presence.

Meetesh V. Patel, Esq.
MVP Law Group, P.A.

I am writing to thank you for the great service and support that you have been providing our firm. Our firm first established its web presence in early 2003. Since first going online in 2003, we have utilized the services of many IT partners to help us promote our firm and increase our web presence. After wasting thousands of dollars and obtaining minimal results, we finally came across Justia. I am extremely pleased with Justia. The Justia Team is creative, attentive, and responsive and in my opinion worth every cent they charged. I have been extremely happy with Justia's service and feel like I have finally found an IT partner that my firm can maintain a long term relationship with. For the first time since I have been attempting to market my law firm on the web, I feel like I am getting my money's worth. The Justia team designed an easily navigable site that was optimized for high placement within search engines. We have seen a dramatic increase both traffic to our site as well as our Alexa traffic ranking. You can't beat the results that Justia provides to its customers.

Thank you for your assistance in growing the business of our firm.

Frank Marciano
Frank Marciano Attorney at Law

To be or not to be on the web, that is the question:
Whether tis nobler in the practice to suffer
The sorrows and regrets of clients lost to others.
Or to take aim upon a sea of new clients,
and with Justia have them find your website,
by search to say you're number one, on top
tis a position devoutly to be wished, For with
Justia's skill and staff you can sleep, perchance to dream
of new clients by day and by night, by email and by phone.
Thus does Justia make successes of us all
with great websites of practice and blogs to be read
and acted upon, must give you pause to praise.
For there's the respect that makes Justia stand out.
and create for you a world of action and outrageous fortune.

He who hesitates is lost. If you are serious about building your law practice, you should stop wasting your time and money on the yellow pages, newspaper, and other old media and engage the people at Justia to create an identity for your law practice that will amaze you with the results. As you browse upon Justia's portfolio, you can see how each site is unique and reflective of each Law Firm. I simply have not had a better experience with a professional service company than with Justia. Their staff is dedicated and smart and responsive and most importantly they remain at the company.

I cannot overstate how important it is to deal with a company that clearly respects their employees and listens to the concerns of its clients. For my website, I wanted to create a sense of professionalism but also a sense of comfort. Well, they exceeded all my expectations by making a website that is simple to navigate, informative and elegant in design. Furthermore, they were able to project a sense of comfort with my firm by presenting my dog as a Mascot. Roxy the Mascot, has brought in more business for me than any single business relationship. Overall, my business has more than doubled over the past 18 months. I average 5-10 new client contacts per week, astounding but true.

This is the only testimonial I have ever written. Visit my website and you will see why Justia has become my single most important business association.

Carol James
Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

The ROI on JMBM's websites and blogs is truly outstanding. Justia shares our firm's focus on results, and their performance-driven model has helped us to generate new business through our web properties. It helps that their team responds quickly and knowledgeably to every request and question – no matter how simple or complex – but it is their strategic advice and substantial experience that sets them apart. With Justia as a partner, our Internet marketing programs have become less taxing, more interesting, and much more successful.

In 1996, I launched the first lawyer website in the Southeast. For seven years I was my own webmaster. As the internet progressed, by 2003 it became clear that I needed to outsource the technical work. After vetting several options, it became clear that Justia combined sophistication about the legal market and fair pricing. Twelve years later, I value my working relationship with the team at Justia. I highly recommend Justia to lawyers seeking strong, cost-effective support for their web marketing.

Jeffrey C. Pettys
Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Pettys

Working with Justia has significantly improved my law practice revenue. Justia is the first SEO company that I have worked with where I feel like I am getting a true return on my investment. I make my monthly payments for their web site and SEO services and they do their job. Justia has become a very valuable part of my ongoing business plan. I am thankful that I found them.

You guys are the best in the business, and our firm simply would not exist without you (that's the God's honest truth). Your organization has always come through for us, and any success that we've had as a law firm is largely due to your efforts. We rank incredibly high on Google, and that is all because of you guys!!
Charles B. Roberts
Charles B. Roberts & Associates, P.C.
Justia has been my webmaster and online marketing company for the last 4 years and it has been a pleasure working with them. I am so pleased with the company that I volunteered to provide a review for use in their website. Their organizational staff created a very professional and dynamic website for my law firm and a blog, which resulted in a large inflow of new clients. When I need Justia to modify my sites or provide any other type of assistance, their team responds quickly and does outstanding work. I highly recommend using Justia if you want to obtain the services of a dedicated team that works very hard to provide the best services an online marketing company can provide!!!

Being a young attorney I have to heavily rely on advertising to bring in clients. I've had prior websites with mixed results. I made the decision to reenter the Tampa, FL market for criminal lawyers and was told by other companies that it would be too expensive or nearly impossible to break in considering the competition. That is when I found Justia.

I spoke with both Stacy and JP and neither gave me a sales pitch. They candidly told me what they thought they could do for me and what it would take on my end to achieve my goals. Ironically, their approach was much the same as mine with my own clients. There was no puffing or guarantees, simply a plan and a promise to do their best. That was enough for me and so I hired them. I invested in both a blog and website and committed to following Justia's direction to the letter. Tampa is saturated with criminal attorneys, all scratching to earn top Google placement. Despite Google's algorithm change the same players have been dominating page 1 for as long as I could remember. Justia broke that trend and I'm happy to be the beneficiary.

Justia has been spot on with everything they've told me from the start. I couldn't be happier with their customer service and more importantly, the results I'm getting. Justia has delivered on everything I've asked for!

James Jenkins
Law Offices of M. James Jenkins, P.A.

In 2005 I was told by a friend who has an Atlanta based civil practice about what an excellent job Justia had done optimizing his web site. I was a little concerned that because of the location where I practice is much smaller than Atlanta that Justia might not help me with my criminal law practice. However, I quickly learned how great Justia is at not only at search engine optimization but also with customer service and web site design. In 2006 we launched my website and within a brief period of time it was at the top or near the top of most organic searches for criminal defense lawyers in the region where I practice. It remains near the top through today. The income generated that can be directly attributable to the website is many times over the very reasonable price we pay to Justia for hosting the site. Recently, at Justia’s recommendation, they redesigned my website to make it more mobile friendly and give it a more up-to-date appearance. I’ve received many compliments on the new design.

Justia's customer service is very impressive all the way from the top, Stacy Stern and Tim Stanley, to the person who picks up the phone when you call if you need some help or advice. I have taken advantage of blogging training and refresher sessions many times through the years. Amanda and others cannot have been nicer or more willing to help.

Prior to learning of Justia, I had experienced working with another very well-known host of websites for lawyers and can attest that the customer service, effectiveness and kindness of Justia people are unparalleled. I cannot recommend them more highly.

I have used Justia since 2009 for my website's service and design. I have multiple websites and two blogs and Justia continuously goes above and beyond with the service they offer and their communication with my staff. Phone and email inquiries are always answered quickly (even if it's just to say that they received my request and that they are working on it). I have gone through a few website redesigns and the design staff (especially Linh) is very accommodating and willing to chat on the phone any time I need. Additionally, Tim and Stacy have made themselves personally available to me when I have any questions or when I need their opinion on any big changes to my sites and blogs.
Mark C. Hartsoe
Hartsoe Law Firm, P.C.
I have worked with Justia since 2010 and strongly recommend their services. Stacy, Tim and the entire Justia team are dedicated to meeting your website and SEO needs. They have a tremendous wealth of experience in this area and keep abreast of the continuous developments in this evolving field. It is without hesitation that I recommend them with 5plus stars! Thanks Justia!
We have been with Justia for many years. They are an extremely talented organization - ultra-responsive, professional, hard-working, smart, and results-oriented. They will take good care of you and your web-site. We have enjoyed first page rank for many years and anticipate similar results into the future. Justia is at the top of their game in SEO and website design! They come with my highest recommendation.
Steven R. Merican
Steven R. Merican, P.C.
Justia gives top-drawer product and sterling service. The company's understanding and appreciation for the legal industry and the digital-communication industry is second to none. The website and blog Justia designed and maintains for me have been a boon for my law practice. Justia has my unqualified recommendation.
Rob Stephen
Stephen Law Group Injury Lawyers

As a small firm, Justia is our strategic partner to get our firm's name out to our potential client base. Justia levels the playing field by helping us compete against the larger firms. The client service at Justia is outstanding and they make you feel like part of their family of clients. I strongly recommend Justia to help you create a web based advertising strategy and to help bring your firm to a higher level of success!

Brian Bradford
Cook, Bradford & Levy, LLC
We have been using Justia for over 3 years, and we are thrilled with our experience. The personalized attention and consistency we have received has allowed us to build a long lasting relationship that is absolutely in tune to our needs. Everything from the nuts and bolts of our website, and more recently, the PPC aspect of our marketing has been dialed in because of the qualified account managers who have been a joy to work with and build my law firm with. I would absolutely recommend Justia to anyone.
Mark Lowry
Lowry Legal, LLC

I am very pleased to say I have found my online marketing team for my solo practice law firm. After years of trying other companies and hearing their gimmicky sales pitches and high priced fees, I was so happy to learn that not only were their fees very reasonable, but that they were not trying to upsell me or trick me into buying more and more. Our first phone call I learned that what I planned to spend was a good starting point, and that we can reassess after a few months, compared to other companies that would want to start right out of the gate at the highest spend.

As for their service, my firm has seen a surge in business since beginning PPC with Justia a few months ago. I am therefore very pleased with this team!! Furthermore their communication and ease in getting a hold of them makes this relationship a long-lasting one I'm sure. Thank you Justia you have reassured me that online marketing is not just a gimmick, it can really work IF you have the right team, aka, JUSTIA!!

Nikie Popovich
Popovich Law Firm, P.A.

Justia is a great company with excellent services and options to aid your firm in advertising and promoting your legal services! My firm has utilized Justia's premium services since we opened in 2014 with great success. Justia typically ranks on the initial page of a google search for legal services, which allows firms with premium services to receive more exposure than they otherwise would be able to achieve through normal SEO services.

In addition to Justia's premium services and platform, Justia offers up-to-date technology features such as the ability to link your firm’s website to your profile, link social media accounts, upload videos and other information, include tag lines to better market your firm, and document the traffic to your profile for analyzation.

Most importantly, Justia's customer service is second to none. They have always been prompt and courteous in fulfilling my firm’s marketing needs. I highly recommend Justia!

Rick Cofer
Cofer & Connelly, PLLC.
Since entering private practice, I have worked closely with the team at Justia. They have provided an exceptional service to me and my law firm, helping to connect new clients with my practice and ensuring that potential clients have access to detailed information about my record as an attorney. I have worked with many digital legal service providers, and Justia adheres to the highest ethical and performance standards in the industry. I heartily endorse Justia as a resource for individuals seeking information about attorneys and for attorneys seeking to provide detailed attorney experience history to potential clients.
Andrew P. Lannon
Lannon Land Litigation Local Law, PLLC

After instituting Justia into my marketing efforts, I landed a very large institutional client with many currently active cases. This was all possible because of my online visibility. When the General Counsel, whom I had interned with at the USDOJ back in law school, saw my online profile, he remembered me and hired me. Thank you Justia!

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