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Paid Advertising

  • Cost-effective paid advertising strategies
  • Online ad campaign setup and management
  • Custom landing page and online ad creation
  • Lawyer and business directory advertising
  • Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo! advertising

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Boost Your Leads with Pay Per Click Advertising

Law firms can purchase advertising on search engines, social media networks, business and lawyer directories, and other websites to supplement their organic traffic. Our online advertising professionals provide advertising setup, consulting, and management services to our website clients for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to help our clients optimize their Cost Per Click (CPC).

Premier Google Partner

Justia is proud of its status as a Premier Google Partner. Many of our professionals are certified by Google for their skill and expertise in online marketing, including in the areas of search advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, mobile sites and Google Analytics. These achievements provide us with enhanced training and support to help reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

Premier Google Partner - Google Analytics IQ Google Analytics IQ
Premier Google Partner - Mobile Sites Mobile Sites
Premier Google Partner - Search Advertising Search Advertising
Premier Google Partner - Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising
Premier Google Partner - Display Advertising Display Advertising
Premier Google Partner - Video Advertising Video Advertising
Premier Google Partner - Shopping Shopping
Premier Google Partner - Digital Sales Digital Sales
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