Criminal Law


Criminal law addresses the government's prosecution of individuals who have committed an act classified as a crime.  Federal, state, and local governments codify crimes and prosecute criminals.  A prosecuting attorney represents the people of a particular jurisdiction, and acts on behalf of the government by bringing a case against an accused.







  • URGENT: 528 Men Sentenced to Death in Mass Trial April 22, 2014 You can help stop this mass, grotesque violation of human rights: sign Amnesty's petition calling on Egyptian authorities to overturn the 528 death sentences.
  • How the Vietnamese Government is Using Its Political Prisoners to Gain Leverage April 22, 2014 The Vietnamese government moves prisoners of conscience in and out of prison, whenever it seems like a favorable move. Its latest release of prisoners may merely be a publicity stunt.
  • Cohan Does C-SPAN April 21, 2014 Sunday evening, author William D. Cohan made the longest appearance (a full hour) of his book publicity tour, on C-SPAN's Q&A. Cohan continued his aggressive defense of the book's twin theses: (1) that "something happened" of a nature of justify…
  • Sticking to Procedure April 21, 2014 After the defendant, Siale Angilau, an alleged gang member on trial in federal court in Utah for racketeering conspiracy, became so disruptive today that the proceedings had to be ended, the judge sua sponte declared a mistrial, saying, "The court...
  • First to File Bar Based on Comparing Complaints and Not Settlements April 21, 2014 Speaking of the first-to-file rule, 31 USC 3730(b)(5), a first-to-file relator in Texas sought to share in the qui tam settlement of a subsequent relator who filed suit against the same defendant as the first realtor but alleged a different scheme.…