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The length, cost, and complexity of divorce proceedings vary depending on a number of factors.

In divorce, the division of assets (money and property) is often a complex and contentious consideration.

Divorces that involve children can be particularly difficult and present unique challenges.

Rather than divorce, some eligible couples may file for legal separation or seek an annulment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I file for divorce?
    Though state laws vary, the divorce process generally begins by completing the appropriate paperwork and filing it with the court.
  • How long does the divorce process take?
    Depending on what state you live in, there may be a minimum residency requirement. Once that is met, the divorce proceedings can take anywhere from weeks to years.
  • Is there a way to get divorced without going to court?
    In most states, it is possible to get a divorce without going to court. One of the most common avenues, and one that is mandated by law in many states, is divorce mediation.
  • Do I have to disclose all of my finances during divorce?
    Division of property during divorce varies depending on which state's law applies. Some states divide all assets obtained during marriage equally to each spouse, while other states use a method called “equitable division.”
  • How do courts divide property in divorce?
    A same-sex spouse would qualify for a marriage visa in the same way an opposite-sex spouse would. You must first either be a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, and then you may file what is called an I-130 petition, a “Petition for an Alien Relative.”
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Popular Topics
  • Divorce Mediation
    Some divorce settlements can be reached through the mediation process, which is often less contentious and much less expensive than going to court.
  • Collaborative Divorce
    Collaborative divorce generic term that includes mediation and negotiations to help parties reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement, often at much lower cost than trial
  • Divorce “First Steps”
    Before you file for divorce, or even before you are even certain you want to file for divorce, it’s important to learn about the process and what may be involved.
  • Spousal Support
    Spousal support, also known as “alimony”, is often a difficult subject when a couple is divorcing and the spouses have significantly disparate incomes.
  • Cost of a Divorce
    The total cost of a divorce can vary significantly based on the presence or absence of many variables, including children, willingness to use collaborative procedures, disputes over assets, and more.
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