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This type of birth injury involves brain damage causing permanent motor and cognitive disabilities.

Babies may suffer serious harm from oxygen deprivation, pressure to the head, or infections.

Stretched, torn, or compressed nerves may cause a loss of feeling and function in the affected area.

Doctors must monitor a mother and child for risk factors and address complications promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do birth injuries happen?
    Birth injuries may happen because of naturally occurring complications during pregnancy or childbirth, or because of medical errors during pregnancy or childbirth. Sometimes medical errors contribute to pre-existing complications or increase the risk of complications.
  • Can cerebral palsy be cured?
    No, cerebral palsy cannot be cured. Doctors have developed many treatments for this condition, though, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapies. A child also may receive medications or may undergo surgery.
  • Why do I need a medical expert for my birth injury case?
    A medical expert will explain the standard of care that applied to a certain health care provider in a specific situation. The field of medicine is technical and specialized, so jury members and judges likely could not understand the standard of care on their own.
  • What compensation can I get for a birth injury?
    You can get compensation for treatment costs, such as medications, therapies, surgeries, and assistive devices. If your child suffers from a permanent disability, you can get compensation for reasonably necessary future treatment costs. A child also can receive damages for non-economic harm like pain and suffering.
  • Do I need an attorney for my birth injury case?
    Yes, you probably need an attorney for your birth injury case. These lawsuits involve many distinctive rules that an ordinary person might struggle to navigate. For example, attorneys will be better positioned to hire medical experts to provide affidavits or testimony.
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