Medicare Savings Programs

There are programs that help millions of people with Medicare save money each year. States have programs for people with limited incomes and resources that pay Medicare premiums. Some programs may also pay Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. You can apply for these programs if: You have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance). (If you are eligible for Medicare Part A but don't think you can afford it, there is a program that may pay the Medicare Part A premium for you.), you are an individual with resources of $4,000 or less, or are a couple with resources of $6,000 or less. Resources include money in a savings or checking account, stocks, or bonds and You are an individual with a monthly income of less than $1,031, or a couple with a monthly income of less than $1,384. Income limits will change slightly in 2004. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, income limits are slightly higher. Note: If your income is less than the amounts listed above, you may qualify for Medicaid.