Non IV-D Orders

A child support order handled by a private attorney as opposed to the State/local child support enforcement (IV-D) agency. (Non-IV-D orders that pre-date January 1, 1994 may be subject to different disbursement requirements.) A non IV-D order is one where the State:

1) Is not currently providing service under the State's Title IV-A, Title IV-D, Title IV-E, or   Title XIX programs.

2) Has not previously provided State services under any of these programs.

3) Has no current application or applicable fee for services paid by either parent.

A IV-D case may become a non IV-D order when:

1) All child support arrearages previously assigned to the State have been paid, and/or

2) The parent(s) originally making application for a State's IV-D services request(s) termination of those IV-D services.

Non IV-D orders established or modified in the State on or after October 1, 1998 must be included in the State Case Registry (SCR) for transmission to the Federal Case Registry (FCR).

A non IV-D order can be converted into IV-D case when the appropriate application and fees for IV-D services are paid by a parent, or when the custodial parent begins receiving Title IV-A services for benefit of the child(ren).

Source: Office of Child Support Enforcement.