LGBTQ+ Legal Resource Center

LGBTQ+ families face unique challenges in matters such as parenting, marriage, and divorce/separation.

Federal, state, and local laws vary widely in their protections (or lack thereof) for LGBTQ+ employees.

Many legal issues disproportionately affect LGBTQ+ youth, including bullying, school speech, and homelessness.

Transgender individuals can face legal challenges in addition to those faced by LGB individuals, including name changes, healthcare issues, and parenting.

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Popular Topics
  • Criminal Justice
    LGBTQ+ individuals may enter the criminal justice system as victims (e.g., hate crimes or intimate partner violence) or as perpetrators. LGBTQ+ inmates are entitled to the same rights of safety and access to healthcare as other inmates.
  • Military Service
    Despite the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, LGBTQ+ service members face unique challenges both during and after their military service.
  • Healthcare Rights
    Access to quality healthcare is a universal issue, but LGBTQ+ individuals may have greater difficulty with coverage, access, and communication with providers.
  • HIV and the Law
    Individuals living with HIV are entitled to certain protections under various federal, state, and local privacy and anti-discrimination laws.
  • Immigration
    LGBTQ+ individuals seeking asylum in the United States, as well as LGBTQ+ immigrants already here, enjoy certain rights and protections under US immigration law, but there are some limitations as well.
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