CACI No. 5021. Electronic Evidence

Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (2024 edition)

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5021.Electronic Evidence
Some exhibits that have been admitted into evidence will be provided to
you electronically. The equipment necessary to view these exhibits will be
available to you in the jury room. Do not use the equipment for any
purpose other than to view the electronic exhibits. Do not use it to access
the Internet or any other source of information. Do not use it for any
personal reason whatsoever, including but not limited to reviewing email,
entertainment, or engaging in social media.
If you need technical assistance or additional equipment or supplies, you
may make a request by sending me a note through the
[clerk/bailiff/court attendant]. Should it become necessary for a
technician to enter the jury room, stop your deliberations until the
technician has left. Do not discuss with him or her, or with each other,
any exhibit or any aspect of the case while the technician is present. Do
not say anything to the technician other than to (1) describe the
technical problem(s) and/or to (2) request instruction on how to operate
the equipment.
[You may request a paper copy of an exhibit received in evidence. One
will be supplied, if possible.]
New June 2014
Directions for Use
Give this instruction if exhibits have been introduced in electronic format only.
Modify or expand the instruction as necessary to set forth the particular process for
the viewing of electronic exhibits in the particular courtroom. Give the last
paragraph if a paper copy will be available.
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