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Immigration - Offenses Involving Immigration, Naturalization, and Passports

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November 1, 2005GUIDELINES MANUAL§2L1.1

"Child" has the meaning set forth in section 101(b)(1) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. § 1101(b)(1)).

"Spouse" has the meaning set forth in 101(a)(35) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(35)).

"Immigration and naturalization offense" means any offense covered by Chapter Two, Part L.

2. For the purposes of §3B1.1 (Aggravating Role), the aliens smuggled, transported, or harbored are not considered participants unless they actively assisted in the smuggling, transporting, or harboring of others.

3. Where the defendant smuggled, transported, or harbored an alien knowing that the alien intended to enter the United States to engage in subversive activity, drug trafficking, or other serious criminal behavior, an upward departure may be warranted.

4. If the offense involved substantially more than 100 aliens, an upward departure may be warranted.

5. Prior felony conviction(s) resulting in an adjustment under subsection (b)(3) are also counted for purposes of determining criminal history points pursuant to Chapter Four, Part A (Criminal History).

6. Reckless conduct to which the adjustment from subsection (b)(5) applies includes a wide variety of conduct (e.g., transporting persons in the trunk or engine compartment of a motor vehicle, carrying substantially more passengers than the rated capacity of a motor vehicle or vessel, or harboring persons in a crowded, dangerous, or inhumane condition). If subsection (b)(5) applies solely on the basis of conduct related to fleeing from a law enforcement officer, do not apply an adjustment from §3C1.2 (Reckless Endangerment During Flight). Additionally, do not apply the adjustment in subsection (b)(5) if the only reckless conduct that created a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury is conduct for which the defendant received an enhancement under subsection (b)(4).

Background: This section includes the most serious immigration offenses covered under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. In large scale smuggling, transporting, or harboring cases, an additional adjustment from §3B1.1 (Aggravating Role) typically will apply to the most culpable defendants.

Historical Note:: Effective November 1, 1987. Amended effective January 15, 1988 (see Appendix C, amendments 35, 36, and 37); November 1, 1989 (see Appendix C, amendment 192); November 1, 1990 (see Appendix C, amendment 335); November 1, 1991 (see Appendix C, amendment 375); November 1, 1992 (see Appendix C, amendment 450); May 1, 1997 (see Appendix C, amendment 543); November 1, 1997 (see Appendix C, amendment 561).

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