Criminal Law

Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE - Authority and General Application Principles

Part A-Authority

Part B-General Application Principles

CHAPTER TWO - Offense Conduct

Part A-Offenses Against the Person

Part B-Basic Economic Offenses

Part C-Offenses Involving Public Officials and Violations of Federal Election Campaign Laws

Part D-Offenses Involving Drugs

Part E-Offenses Involving Criminal Enterprises and Racketeering

Part F-[Deleted]

Part G-Offenses Involving Commercial Sex Acts, Sexual Exploitation of Minors, and Obscenity

Part H-Offenses Involving Individual Rights

Part I-[Not Used]

Part J-Offenses Involving the Administration of Justice

Part K-Offenses Involving Public Safety

Part L-Offenses Involving Immigration, Naturalization, and Passports

Part M-Offenses Involving National Defense and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Part N-Offenses Involving Food, Drugs, Agricultural Products, and Odometer Laws

Part O-[Not Used]

Part P-Offenses Involving Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Part Q-Offenses Involving the Environment

Part R-Antitrust Offenses

Part S-Money Laundering and Monetary Transaction Reporting

Part T-Offenses Involving Taxation

Part U-[Not Used]

Part V-[Not Used]

Part W-[Not Used]

Part X-Other Offenses

Part Y-[Not Used]

Part Z-[Not Used]

CHAPTER THREE - Adjustments

Part A-Victim-Related Adjustments

Part B-Role in the Offense

Part C-Obstruction

Part D-Multiple Counts

Part E-Acceptance of Responsibility

CHAPTER FOUR - Criminal History and Criminal Livelihood

Part A-Criminal History

Part B-Career Offenders and Criminal Livelihood

CHAPTER FIVE - Determining the Sentence

Part A-Sentencing Table

Part B-Probation

Part C-Imprisonment

Part D-Supervised Release

Part E-Restitution, Fines, Assessments, Forfeitures

Part F-Sentencing Options

Part G-Implementing the Total Sentence of Imprisonment

Part H-Specific Offender Characteristics

Part I-[Not Used]

Part J-Relief From Disability

Part K-Departures

CHAPTER SIX - Sentencing Procedures and Plea Agreements

Part A-Sentencing Procedures

Part B-Plea Agreements

CHAPTER SEVEN - Violations of Probation and Supervised Release

Part A-Introduction to Chapter Seven

Part B-Probation and Supervised Release Violations

CHAPTER EIGHT - Sentencing of Organizations

Part A-General Application Principles

Part B-Remedying Harm from Criminal Conduct, and Effective Compliance and Ethics Program

Part C-Fines

Part D-Organizational Probation

Part E-Special Assessments, Forfeitures, and Costs

Part F-Violations of Probation - Organizations

APPENDIX A -Statutory Index

APPENDIX B -Selected Sentencing Statutes