50-State Surveys

The United States has multiple levels of laws. While federal law applies in all 50 states, each state also has passed its own laws to govern people within that state. In other words, people in any given state must comply with both federal law and the law of that state.

State laws may vary dramatically in areas ranging from divorce and DUI to estate planning and medical malpractice. To help inform and empower consumers, Justia has compiled surveys of the law in each state (and Washington, D.C.) regarding certain key topics.


Marriage, Divorce, & Children


Criminal Law

Estate Planning & Probate

Property & Consumer Rights


Voting & Elections

Legal Procedures

Current Issues

50-State COVID-19 Resources

During the coronavirus pandemic, Justia provided resources to reflect each state’s evolving actions, mandates, and guidelines in response to the emergency. The resources below allowed consumers and researchers to easily digest and compare states’ coronavirus responses on a variety of topics.